a    Art original

b    Kit

c    Art reproduction

d    Diorama

f     Filmstrip

g    Game

i     Picture

k    Graphic

l     Technical drawing

m   Motion picture

n    Chart

o    Flash card

p    Microscope slide

q    Model

r     Realia

s     Slide

t     Transparency

v    Videorecording

w   Toy

z    Other


The type of visual material code is a one-character alphabetic code that represents the visual material type that is described.


The OCLC default code indicated above is not a MARC 21 value.  All CONSER authenticated records must include an appropriate MARC 21 code as listed.

Code definitions

a    Art original.

Use code "a" if the item is an art original, that is, a two or three-dimensional work of art created by an artist, for example, a sculpture, as contrasted with a reproduction of it.

008/33  a

245 14 [La gioconda] $h [art original] = $b [Mona Lisa].

[Monograph example]

b    Kit.

Use code "b" if the item is a kit which is defined as an item containing a mixture of components from two or more categories, that is, sound recording, maps, filmstrips, etc., no one of which is identifiable as the predominant constituent of the item.  This category also includes the packages of material called laboratory kits, and packages of assorted materials, such as a set of K-12 social studies curriculum material (all books, workbooks, guides, activities, etc.) or packages of educational test materials (tests, answer sheets, scoring guides, score charts, interpretative manuals, etc.).

008/33  b

245 00 200 ans d'opéra, La Scala $h [kit] …

500 ## Issued in box (63 x 48 x8 cm.) containing 1 vol. (166, [156] p. : ill. ; 31 cm.), 6 sound discs (33 1/3 rpm, mono. ; 12 in. in case), 4 dioramas (47 pieces : col.), 4 souvenir booklets (12 p. each : ill. ; 15 cm. in case), and 2 art reproductions (photogravure, col. ; 60 x 45 cm.).

[Monograph example]

c    Art reproduction.

Use code "c" if the item is an art reproduction, that is, a two or three-dimensional mechanically reproduced copy of a work of art, generally as one of a commercial edition.

d    Diorama.

Use code "d" if the item is a diorama, that is, a three-dimensional representation of a scene created by placing objects, figures, etc. in front of a two-dimensional background.

f     Filmstrip.

Use code "f" if the item is a length of film containing a succession of images intended for projection one frame at a time with or without recorded sounded.

g    Game.

Use code "g" if the item is a game, which is defined as an item or set of items designed for play according to prescribed rules and intended for recreation or instruction.  Code "g" includes puzzles and simulations.

i     Picture.

Use code "i" if the item is a picture, that is, a two-dimensional visual representation accessible to the naked eye and generally on an opaque backing.  Serial posters are considered to be "pictures."

008/33  i

245 04 The Ring presents big fight color special.

300 ## posters

k    Graphic.

Use code "k" for the general type of material.  It is used for original or historical graphic material.

l     Technical drawing.

Use code "l" if the item is a technical drawing which is defined as a cross section, detail, diagram, elevation, perspective, plan, working plan, etc., made for use in an architectural engineering or other technical context.

008/33  l

245 00 [Cross section of west stairway] $h [technical drawing].

[Monograph example]

m   Motion picture.

Use code "m" if the item is a motion picture which is defined as a series of still pictures on film with or without sound, designed to be projected in rapid succession to produce the optical effect of motion.

008/33  m

130 0# Deutschlandspiegel. $l English.

245 04 The German scene $h [motion picture] …

n    Chart.

Use code "n" if the item is a chart, that is, an opaque sheet that exhibits data in graphic or tabular form (e.g., a calendar).

o    Flash card.

Use code "o" if the item is a flash card, that is, a card or other opaque material printed with words, numerals, or pictures and designed for rapid display.  Activity cards are included in this category.

p    Microscope slide.

Use code "p" if the item is a microscope slide which is defined as a transparent mount, usually glass, containing a minute object to be viewed through a microscope or microprojector.

q    Model.

Use code "q" if the item is a model, defined as a three-dimensional representation of a real thing, either of the exact size of the original or to scale.

r     Realia.

Use code "r" if the item is realia.  Realia includes 1) all other three-dimensional items not covered by the other codes (e.g., clothing, stitchery, fabrics, tools, utensils), and 2) naturally occurring objects.

s    Slide.

Use code "s" if the item is a slide, that is, transparent material on which there is a two-dimensional image, usually held in a mount, and designed for use in a projector or viewer.  Modern stereographs, for example, Viewmaster reels, are included here.

008/33  s

245 00 Slide atlas of current ophthalmology $h [slide].

t     Transparency.

Use code "t" if the item is a transparency, that is, transparent material on which a basically still image is recorded.  Transparencies are designed for use with an overhead projector or a light box.  X-rays are coded as transparencies.

008/33  t

245 04 The electromagnetic spectrum $h [transparency].

[Monograph example]

v    Videorecording.

Use code "v" if the item is a videorecording, that is, a recording on which visual images, usually in motion and accompanied by sound, have been registered.  Videorecordings are designed for playback by means of a television receiver or monitor.

008/33  v

245 00 MVP video journal of general surgery $h [videorecording] …

w    Toy.

Use code "w" if the item is a toy, defined as a material object for children or others to play with (often an imitation of some familiar object); a plaything; also, something contrived for amusement rather than for practical use.

z    Other.

Use code "z" for a type of material for which none of the other defined codes are appropriate.

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