#    None of the following

d    Updating database

l     Updating loose-leaf

m   Monographic series

n    Newspaper

p    Periodical

w   Updating website


The type of continuing resource code indicates whether a serial is a periodical, monographic series, newspaper, or none of these.  It also contains codes to indicate whether an integrating resource is an updating database, loose-leaf, a website, or none of these.


Code definitions

#    None of the following.

This code is used for serials and integrating resources that do not fit one of the categories below.  Yearbooks, annual reports, and updating electronic documents are in this category.

d    Updating database.

Code "d" indicates that an integrating resource is an updating database.  A database is a collection of logically interrelated data stored together in one or more computerized files, usually created and managed by a database management system.

l     Updating loose-leaf.

Code "l" indicates that the item is an updating loose-leaf.  An updating loose-leaf is an integrating resource that consists of a base volume(s) updated by separate pages which are inserted, removed, and/or substituted.

m   Monographic series.

Although "monographic series" per se is not defined in AACR2, the AACR2 definition of "Series 1" is applicable for coding this element:  "A group of separate items related to one another by the fact that each item bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective title applying to the group as a whole.  The individual items may or may not be numbered."  Use code "m" for any title that is a series, regardless of its treatment.

n    Newspaper.

Apply the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) definition of "newspaper" for coding this element:  "Newspaper:  Serial publication which contains news on current events of special or general interest.  The individual parts are listed chronologically or numerically and appear usually at least once a week.  Newspapers usually have a masthead rather than a cover and are normally larger than A3 (297 mm x 420 mm) in size."

p    Periodical.

Use code "p" for serials that contain separate articles, stories, or other writings and are published generally more frequently than annual.

w    Updating website.

Code "w" indicates that an integrating resource is a website that is updated, but does not fit into one of the other codes, such as periodical, newspaper, or database.  An example would be the CONSER website.

Changes to format

If a newspaper or monographic series changes to a serial format, or vice versa, add a note (500) to the record.  In the case of a newspaper, retain or add code "n" to 008/21; do not change "n" to "#".  In the case of a monographic series, the code may be changed to reflect the current type, e.g. code "m" would be changed to "#" or "p", as appropriate.

008/21  n

130 0# Looking glass (Hatfield, Ark.)

245 04 The looking glass.

260 ## Hatfield, Ark : $b Gene Owen,

310 ## Monthly, $b July 1976-

321 ## Weekly, $b Apr. 3, 1975-June 17, 1976

362 0# Vol. 1, no. 1 (Apr. 3, 1975)-

500 ## Published as a monthly magazine, July 1976-

Related fields, etc.

008/21  006/04  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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