First indicator - Title added entry

0  No added entry

1  Added entry

Second indicator - Nonfiling characters

0  No nonfiling characters present

1-9  Number of nonfiling characters present

Subfield codes:

a  Title (NR)

b  Remainder of title (NR)

c  Remainder of title page transcription/Statement of responsibility (NR)

h  Medium (NR)

n  Number of part/section of a work (R)

p  Name of part/section of a work (R)

y  Language code of translated title (NR)

6  Linkage (NR)

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (242 Translation of Title by Cataloging Agency) for code definitions not given below.


Field 242 contains a title that is a translation of the title proper supplied by the cataloging agency.  This field is used only when the translated title does not appear on the piece as a parallel title, which would be recorded in field 245.

Editing instructions

1.   Do not input initial articles.

2.   Do not input a period after subfield $y.

First indicator - Title added entry

The first indicator regulates the generation of a title added entry.  If LC is claiming a record, it changes the first indicator to "0".

Second indicator - Nonfiling characters

The second indicator specifies the number of nonfiling characters to be ignored for sorting purposes.  Initial articles are omitted according to CONSER policy, therefore, always set the second indicator to value "0".


Instructions for the input of subfields $a, $n, $p, $b, and $c are the same as for field 245.  The most commonly used subfields in their order of input are:  $a, $n, $p, $y.

$y  Language code of translated title.

Subfield $y contains a three character MARC language code, assigned from MARC Code List for Languages.  Do not use the full name of the language in this subfield.

242 00 Land surveying and agricultural equipment. $y eng

245 00 Geodezja i urzdzenia rolne.

242 00 Annals of chemistry. $n Series C, $p Organic chemistry and biochemistry. $y eng

245 00 Anales de química. $n Serie C, $p Química organica y bioquímica : $b publicación de la Real Sociedad Española de Química.

242 00 Estonian Agricultural Academy symposium of scientific works. $y eng

245 00 Eesti Po~llumajanduse Akadeemia teaduslike tööde kogumik = $b Sbornik nauchynkh trudov / $c Estonskoĭ sel'skokhoziaĭstvennoĭ akademii.

242 00 Library of the study of diatoms. $y eng

245 00 Bibliotheca Diatomologica.

$6  Linkage.

For instructions on use of subfield $6, see field 880.


Field 242 is primarily used by the National Agricultural Library.

Related fields, etc.


242 Translation of Title by Cataloging Agency  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

See also:

20X-24X  Title and Title-Related Fields

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