First indicator - Note controller

0  Display note

1  Do not display note

Second indicator - Display constant controller

#  Constituent unit

8  No display constant generated

Subfield codes:

a  Main entry heading (NR)

b  Edition (NR)

c  Qualifying information (NR)  [Pre-AACR2]

d  Place, publisher, and date of publication (NR)

g  Related parts (R)

h  Physical description (NR)

i   Relationship information (R)

k  Series data for related item (R)

m Material-specific details (NR)

n  Note (R)

o  Other item identifier (R)

r   Report number (R)

s  Uniform title (NR)

t   Title (NR)

u  Standard Technical Report Number (NR)

w  Record control number (R)

x  International Standard Serial Number (NR)

y  CODEN designation (NR)

z  International Standard Book Number (R)  [Not used]

4  Relationship code (R)

6  Linkage (NR)

7  Control subfield (NR)  [Not used]

Character position 0 - Type of main entry heading

Character position 1 - Form of name

Character position 2 - Type of record

Character position 3 - Bibliographic level

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (774 Constituent Unit Entry) for code definitions not given below.


Field 774 contains information concerning a constituent unit associated with a larger bibliographic unit.  The constituent unit may be part of a single bibliographic item, a multipart item, or a collection.  This item may or may not be described in a separate bibliographic record.

Display constant

Constituent unit:

Linking relationships

Field 773 (Host Item Entry) can be paired with field 774 though reciprocal linking is not mandatory.  The record for the Constituent unit may instead contain an added entry for the Host item.

First indicator - Note controller

The first indicator determines the note display.  Set the first indicator to value "0" when a note is to be generated from the linking field.  Set the first indicator to value "1" when a note is input in field 580 that identifies the constituent unit.

Second indicator - Display constant controller

The second indicator position contains a value that controls the generation of a display constant preceding the data in the linking entry field.

#    Constituent unit.

Use value "#" for the 774 field display constant.  The display constant Constituent unit: may be generated.

8    No display constant generated.

Use value "8" to indicate that no display constant is to be generated.

The introductory phrase "Constituent unit:" that is displayed in notes with the data recorded in field 774 is not carried in the MARC 21 record.  It may be system generated as display constants associated with the second indicator value "#."


For a description of subfields defined for this field, see Linking Entry Fields - General Information.

Related fields, etc.

Leader/07, Linking Entry Fields - General Information

774 Constituent Unit Entry  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

See also:

76X-78X  Linking Entry Fields

Variable Data Fields

Section E.  MARC 21 Format for Serials as Applied Within CONSER

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