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C6.1.  Prepublication records


C6.2.  ISSN requests for U.S. imprints


C6.3.  Incorrect ISSN on issues


C6.4.  ISSN-related elements for non-U.S. imprints


C6.5.  Surrogates


C6.6.  ISSN requests web form

Follow the procedure below to update ISSN prepublication records created by ISSN Section at the Library of Congress.  In adhering to this procedure, CONSER catalogers will enable necessary verification of the ISSN elements and completion of the ISSN registration process before these records become part of the ISSN database in Paris.

C6.1.  Prepublication records

Procedure for Updating U.S. ISSN Prepublication Records  (Elvl: 8)

C6.1.1.  Record update

Leave field 263 (expected date of publication)

Change the encoding level from "8" to the appropriate level

Update the record as appropriate.  (Keep in mind that the record is based on information supplied by the publisher prior to publication and not from an actual issue.  It is very easy to overlook small changes in title and corporate body fields.)

Authenticate the record in the usual manner (i.e., when present, change code "msc" to "pcc" in field 042).

Notify LC of the update by sending an email to

C6.1.2.  Do NOT update the prepublication record in the following situations:

Publication does not appear to be a serial or an integrating resource.

Duplicate ISSN have been assigned to the same publication.

The serial should not have its own record or ISSN (certain indexes, certain supplements, parts, etc.).

More than one record is needed to represent the serial (edition problems, parts problems, etc.).

Any other case in which you feel (or suspect) a problem in ISSN assignment or record creation might have occurred.

CONSER catalogers can report problems and doubtful cases by sending an email to

C6.2.  ISSN requests for U.S. imprints

The CONSER database is where U.S. ISSN are first registered and the records first updated based on published issues.  Hence, OCLC is the most complete source for records for U.S. ISSN assignments.

C6.2.1.  U.S. imprints with existing OCLC records lacking an ISSN

When authenticating records for U.S. imprints lacking an ISSN, CONSER catalogers may report them to LC for ISSN assignment by sending an email to the ISSN Section (  The following situations are some of the examples:

Major changes for U.S. imprints

Current U.S. imprints lacking "nsdp" authentication

Ceased U.S. imprints on which an ISSN has been printed, or for which an ISSN has been found in a printed source (e.g., Ulrich's, NST).

C6.2.2.  U.S. imprints without existing OCLC record

CONSER catalogers may also request ISSN assignment for a new U.S. imprint they are authenticating by sending an email to the ISSN Section (

ISSN Section staff at LC will notify the requesting CONSER library or institution to let them know that their request is ready.  When more information is needed, CONSER catalogers may be asked to provide surrogates (see C6.5) to support the ISSN assignment process.

NOTE:  Libraries can only request ISSN for titles for which they have completed CONSER authentication.

C6.3.  Incorrect ISSN on issues

If the ISSN printed on current issues of a serial differs from that in an authenticated record, report the error using the ISSN Requests Web Form.  ISSN Section staff will then contact the U.S. publisher (or, in the case of non-U.S. imprints, the appropriate ISSN center) with a request that the error be corrected.  Additionally, ISSN Section staff will add the incorrect ISSN to subfield $y of field 022 to provide access via the incorrect ISSN.

C6.4.  ISSN-related elements for non-U.S. imprints

CONSER catalogers may input ISSN for non-U.S. imprints (current or ceased) into any record not authenticated with the authentication code "nsdp."

If the CONSER library has access to the ISSN Portal and can locate the non-U.S. imprint title in the portal, fields 022, 210, and 222 may be added to the OCLC record.  Note that the 022 $2 contains the ISSN center code.  Each country that assigns ISSN has a center code.  The list of center codes is at:

022 0# 1469-3321 $2 2

222 #0 Competency & emotional intelligence quarterly $b (Online)

(Note ISSN Center for this title is United Kingdom.  Center code for United Kingdom is 2.)

Corrections to fields 022, 210 and 222 may be made to "nsdp" authenticated records for non-U.S. imprints, if verified in the ISSN Portal.

C6.5.  Surrogates

Surrogates sent for purposes listed above should:

1.   Include pages showing pertinent information (e.g. copies of the title page, cover, or masthead, pages showing incorrect ISSN, etc.).

2.   Include the publisher's name and address.

3.   Include the date or designation of the issue.

4.   Be of the most recent available issue (to avoid contacting a publisher about an error that has already been corrected).

C6.6.  ISSN requests web form

The ISSN Requests Web form was closed in November 2015.  A replacement online request system is expected to be in place sometime in 2016.  In the interim, CONSER catalogers may send requests for ISSN assignments or send problem reports directly to the ISSN Section at LC (

Related fields, etc.

008/20, 022, 042, 210, 222, 263, 936, C8.1.2

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