Appendix A.  Fields Not Included in the CEG

Appendix B.  Fields Not Distributed by the MARC Distribution Service

Appendix C.  MARC 21 Punctuation Supplied by OCLC

Appendix D.  Application Forms for Membership in the CONSER Program

Appendix E.  Creating Records with Data in Non-Roman Script for Arabic Serials

Appendix I.  Participant Responsibilities for Applying Subject Indexing Languages

Appendix J.  Use of LC Subject Heading Subdivisions Appropriate to Serials

Appendix K.  Initial Articles

Appendix L.  Special Types of Cataloging (LC minimal level, newspapers, pre-pubs, reprints, rare serials)

Appendix M.  Microforms

Appendix N.  Special Physical Formats

Appendix O.  Creating Records with Data in Non-Roman Script for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Serials

Appendix P.  Library of Congress Control Number and Library of Congress Card Numbering System

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