Namibia  [f-sx]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Africa, Southwest

South-West Africa

Nansha Islands

USE  Spratly Islands

Nauru  [ponu]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Pleasant Island

Near East

USE  Middle East

Nebraska  [n-us-nb]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Negros Island (Philippines)

Assigned code:

[a-ph]  Philippines


USE  Latin America

Nepal  [a-np]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Neptune (Planet)  [zne]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Netherlands  [e-ne]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Holland

Netherlands Antilles  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [nwna] (Netherlands Antilles) before Dec. 2011]

Assigned codes:

[nwaw]  Aruba

[nwbn]  Bonaire

[nwco]  Curaçao

[nwsd]  Saba

[nweu]  Sint Eustatius

[nwsn]  Sint Maarten

UF    Dutch West Indies

Former Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands West Indies

West Indies, Dutch

Netherlands East Indies

USE  Indonesia

Netherlands West Indies

USE  Netherlands Antilles

Nevada  [n-us-nv]  Authorities & Vocabularies


Assigned code:

[nwxi]  Saint Kitts and Nevis

New Britain Island (Papua New Guinea)

Assigned code:

[a-pp]  Papua New Guinea

New Brunswick  [n-cn-nk]  Authorities & Vocabularies

New Caledonia  [ponl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

New England  [n-usn]  Authorities & Vocabularies

New France

Assigned code:

[n]  North America

New Guinea  [a-nw]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    New Guinea Island

New Guinea (Territory)

Assigned code:

[a-pp]  Papua New Guinea

New Guinea Island

USE  New Guinea

New Hampshire  [n-us-nh]  Authorities & Vocabularies

New Hebrides

USE  Vanuatu

New Ireland Island (Papua New Guinea)

Assigned code:

[a-pp]  Papua New Guinea

New Jersey  [n-us-nj]  Authorities & Vocabularies

New Mexico  [n-us-nm]  Authorities & Vocabularies

New South Wales  [u-at-ne]  Authorities & Vocabularies

New York (State)  [n-us-ny]  Authorities & Vocabularies

New Zealand  [u-nz]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Newfoundland and Labrador  [n-cn-nf]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Nicaragua  [ncnq]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Niger  [f-ng]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Niger River  [fi]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Nigeria  [f-nr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Biafra

Nile River  [fl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Ninghsia Province (China)

USE  Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu (China)

Ningsia Hui Autonomous Region (China)

USE  Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu (China)

Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu (China)  [a-cc-nn]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Ninghsia Province (China)

Ningsia Hui Autonomous Region (China)

Niue  [poxh]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Non-Black Earth Region (Russia)

USE  Non-Chernozem Region (Russia)

Non-Chernozem Region (Russia)

[Coded [e-ur-ru] (Russia Federation) before June 1998]

Assigned code:

[e-ru]  Russia (Federation)

UF    Non-Black Earth Region (Russia)

Norfolk Island

Assigned code:

[u-at]  Australia

North Africa

USE  Africa, North

North America  [n]  Authorities & Vocabularies

North Atlantic Ocean  [ln]  Authorities & Vocabularies

North Borneo

USE  Sabah

North Carolina  [n-us-nc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

North Caucasus (Russia)

USE  Caucasus, Northern (Russia)

North Central States

USE  Middle West

North Dakota  [n-us-nd]  Authorities & Vocabularies

North Korea

USE  Korea (North)

North Pacific Ocean  [pn]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Pacific Ocean, North

North Pole

USE  Arctic regions

North Sea

Assigned code:

[ln]  North Atlantic Ocean

North Vietnam

USE  Vietnam (Democratic Republic)

Northeast (U.S.)

USE  Northeastern States

Northeast Africa

USE  Africa, Northeast

Northeast Passage

Assigned code:

[r]  Arctic regions

Northeastern States  [n-use]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Northeast (U.S.)

Northern Australia  [u-atn]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [u-at] (Australia) before September 2005]

UF    Australia, Northern

Northern Canada

USE  Canada, Northern

Northern Caucasus (Russia)

USE  Caucasus, Northern (Russia)

Northern Europe

USE  Europe, Northern

Northern Germany

USE  Germany, Northern

Northern Hemisphere  [xb]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Northern Ireland  [e-uk-ni]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Ireland, Northern

Northern Mariana Islands

USE  Mariana Islands

Northern Rhodesia

USE  Zambia

Northern Russia

USE  Russia, Northern

Northern Samar (Philippines)

Assigned code:

[a-ph]  Philippines

Northern Soviet Union

USE  Russia, Northern

Northern Territory  [u-at-no]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Northwest (U.S.)

[Coded [n-usw] (Northwest (U.S.)) before Mar. 1988]

USE  Northwest, Pacific

Northwest, Canadian

Assigned code:

[n-cn]  Canada

UF    Canadian Northwest

West (Canada)

Northwest, Old

Assigned code:

[n-usc]  Middle West

Northwest, Pacific

Assigned codes:

[n-cn-bc]  British Columbia

[n-usp]  West (U.S.)

UF    Northwest (U.S.)

Pacific Northwest

Northwest Africa

USE  Africa, Northwest

Northwest Passage

Assigned code:

[r]  Arctic regions

Northwest Territories  [n-cn-nt]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Northwestern Soviet Union

USE  Soviet Union, Northwestern

Northwestern States

Assigned code:

[n-usp]  West (U.S.)

Norway  [e-no]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Norwegian Sea

Assigned code:

[ln]  North Atlantic Ocean

Nova Scotia  [n-cn-ns]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Nunavut  [n-cn-nu]  Authorities & Vocabularies


USE  Malawi

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