The death cry [graphic] / S. Eastman, U.S. Army, del. ; executed on stone by C. Schuesele [i.e. Schussele]. -- Phila[delphia] : Printed in color by P.S. Duval, [ between 1848 and 1854?]

1 print : chromolithograph ; image 24 x 17 cm., on sheet 14 x 26 cm.

Dated according to time period Schussele was in Philadelphia working for Duval.

Subject: Indian holding scalp of dead white man at his feet.

Source unknown.

S. Eastman:  Multiple statements of responsibility are transcribed as they appear on the item (1G4).  In addition, a name is corrected, presuming it was not deliberately printed incorrectly.

between 1848 and 1854?:  Probable period of time during which the item was published is given, with an explanatory note (2F5.1).

24 x 17 cm. and 14 x 26 cm.:  The dimensions of both sheet and image are given, since there is a large difference between them (3D3.6).

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