H.R. Robinson, 52 Courtland St. ... : caricatures and prints. -- [New York : H.R. Robinson, 1841 or 1842]

1 print : lithograph, b&w ; hexagon sheet 26 x 45 cm.

Subject: Advertisement for print shop, showing lettering and central motif of wig, a play on Robinson’s work for the Whigs.

Source unknown.

H.R.:  Initials are recorded without internal spaces (0H2).

52 Courtland St.:  Text on the item provides the only title-like data (1B1.5).

caricatures and prints:  Title is abridged, omitting unessential information that consists of a repetition of the street address (1B1.).

H.R. Robinson:  Name of publisher is deduced from the text (used as title) and the use of the print as an advertisement for the publisher (2D8).

1841 or 1842:  Probable date given according to the pattern in Appendix A (2F5.1).

hexagon sheet:  Non-rectangular shape is described (3D4.3).

Subject:  Explanations of functional type and the visual content are given in the subject note (5B14).

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