The grand national caravan moving east / drawn by Hassan Straightshanks, under the immediate superintendence of Maj. Jack Downing. -- [New York : Endicott & Sweet?], c1833.

1 print : lithograph ; image 24 x 33 cm., on sheet 27 x 42 cm.

Below title: There hath not been the like of them, neither shall there be any more after them, even to the years of many generations.

Hassan Straightshanks is the pseudonym of unknown artist; Major Downing is a fictitious character.

References: A history of American graphic humor / by William Murrell. New York : Whitney Museum of American Art, 1933-1938, no. 115.

Subject: Satirical portrayal of Andrew Jackson’s tour of the northeast in 1833.

Copyright deposit of Endicott & Swett?, 1833.

Hassan Straightshanks (Same comment applies for both appearances of the name):  The statement of responsibility is transcribed even though the true identities are unknown or simply fictitious; an explanatory note is made, which may be deemed unnecessary in some cataloging institutions (1G10).

Endicott & Sweet? and Endicott & Swett?:  The place of publication and publisher are conjectured based on the probable copyright holder; evidence is such that these conjectures may appear in the body of the entry with a question mark.

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