Photographic views of Kern County, California. -- Carleton Emmons Watkins. -- 1888?

415 photographic prints ; 7 x 9 in. + 4 maps (36 x 49 cm. and 64 x 44 cm.)

Title from loose printed page (from an original album?)

The three original? albums were dismantled and the photographic prints and captions mounted by the Library on 8 x 10 in. boards.

References: Guide to the special collections of prints & photographs in the Library of Congress / compiled by Paul Vanderbilt. Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress, 1955, no. 755.

Subject: Survey of Kern Co., showing ranch houses and buildings, dairy farming, ranching and agriculture, livestock, fruit culture, irrigation canals, artesian wells, lakes and river, Bakersfield, adobe Indian homes, antimony. Arranged by "Watkins photo no.," with unnumbered ones filed at end. Most include long, printed caption labels.

Transfer from Accession Division, 1929.

Carleton Emmons Watkins:  Standardized form of photographer’s name is used because it only appears as "Watkins" on the material, if it appears at all (1G3).

7 x 9 in.:  Standardized inch size given (3D2.2).

4 maps (36 x 49 cm. and 64 x 44 cm.):  Accompanying material and dimensions given as part of the physical description area (3Ea).

three original? albums:  Note on the original form and how it was altered (5B9.1).

References:  Reference to published description for more information (5B12).

Subject:  Subject description, including information on identifying text, and arrangement notes are combined (5B14, 5B16).

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