Caldwall, James, 1739-1789.

Chemical philosophers of the present day : Dr. Priestley : Lavoisier / Opie and David, pinxt. ; Caldwall, sculpt. -- London : Published May 1, 1801, by Dr. Thornton, [ 1801]

1 print : engraving ; plate mark 47 x 32 cm., on sheet 55 x 42 cm.

Portrait of Priestley, after painting by John Opie, and of Lavoisier, after painting by Jacques Louis David.

Subject: Two head-and-shoulders portraits in separate ornamental oval frames; one frame held by eagle.

Source unknown.

1. Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804. 2. Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794. 3. Portrait prints. 4. Chemistry. I. Opie, John, 1761-1807. II. David, Jacques Louis, 1748-1825. III. Thornton, Dr. IV. Title.

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