Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, N.Y. / C.D. Arnold [photographer]. -- 1901.

365 photographic prints ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller.

Subject: General, high, and night views; individual buildings; statuary, fountains, and gardens; American Indians; sham battle; infant incubators and other midway attractions; bridges; Latin American dancers, matadors, and musicians; address by Pres. McKinley; portrait of General Manager F.T. Cummings on horseback. Arranged by building name and other categories. All photographic prints captioned and numbered in the image.

Copyright deposit, 1901.

Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, N.Y.:  Title devised by cataloger is not enclosed in square brackets for a collection description (1C1, 1C2).

C.D. Arnold:  Photographer’s name is recorded as it appears most frequently on the material (though his full name is known to be Charles Dudley Arnold).  His function is given in square brackets (1G8).

8 x 10 in. or smaller.:  Standard inch size is given, and the words "or smaller" indicate more than two sizes (3D9.2).  The majority of the images are oriented horizontally rather than vertically (3D9.1).  Period is added at the end of the physical description area (3A2).

Subject:  Information on arrangement and numbering is included in the subject description (5B11, 5B14, 5B16).

Single item from collection described above, cataloged separately (Reference Illustration 9):

Pan-Am[erican Exposition] emergency hospital nurses / C.D. Arnold [photographer]. -- 1901.

1 photograpic print ; 10 x 8 cm.

No. 763.

Subject: Six nurses in uniform, sitting and standing, posed in doorway.

In Lot 4654-23.

Pan-Am[erican Exposition]:  Title is transcribed from the item; letters and words are interpolated in order to make it clear (0J2).

C.D.:  Initials are recorded without internal spacing (0H2).

10 x 8 cm.:  Dimensions are given height x width according to the way in which the image would be viewed (3D2.1).

No. 763:  A number that implies a series is given (5B11).

In Lot 4654-23:  Relationship note for item analysis (5B21).

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