[ A Nakoak chief’s daughter] [graphic] / [Edward Sheriff Curtis]. -- [ 1910]

1 photographic print ; 19.3 x 14.7 cm. (7 5/8 x 5 6/8 in.)

"The Chief’s Daughter"--in ink on verso; possibly inscribed by Imogen Cunningham.

Curtis no. in image: x331-10.

Published as photogravure in: The North American Indian / Edward S. Curtis. Seattle, Wash. : E.S. Curtis, 1907-1930, suppl. v. 10, pl. 334.

Subject: Woman seated on ceremonial platform supported by two totems, symbols of her slaves. Wearing woven hat with abalone shell earrings, cedar-bark wrap; ring in nose.

Copyright deposit, c1910.

A Nakoak chief’s daughter:  The published title (from The North American Indian, published by Curtis himself) is transcribed as the title proper since it is the one most likely to be known by a catalog user and the manuscript title on the item is evidently not in the hand of the creator (1A2, 1B1.12).

1910:  The date has been derived from the Curtis number, which is known to incorporate the date.

19.3 x 14.7 cm.:  The cataloger has chosen not to take the option to give the photographic print size in inches, but has instead recorded the size to the nearest millimeter with the inches in parentheses, as an optional addition (3D2.2).

Imogen Cunningham:  The person is named, since she is a famous photographer herself.

Published as:  The item being described is an original photographic print.  Its subsequent publication as a fine photomechanical print is noted (5B20).

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