The following documents the changes contained in the twenty-third update to the 1999 edition of MARC 21 Format for Authority Data.  Update No. 23 (November 2016) includes changes resulting from proposals that were considered by the MARC 21 community during June 2016.

New content designators:


Leader/18  Punctuation policy

075  Type of Entity (R)

147  Heading - Named Event (NR)

447  See From Tracing - Named Event (R)

547  See Also From Tracing - Named Event (R)

677  Definition (R)

747  Established Heading Linking Entry - Named Event (R)

885  Matching Information (R)

Subfield code

$0  Authority record control number or standard number (R) in 377 (Associated Language)


#  No information provided in Leader/18 (Punctuation policy)

c  Punctuation omitted in Leader/18 (Punctuation policy)

i   Punctuation included in Leader/18 (Punctuation policy)

u  Unknown in Leader/18 (Punctuation policy)

u  General linking, type unspecified in Subfield code $8 - Field link and sequence number in Appendix A (Control Subfields)

Changes in content designator names and definitions:

Subfield code

$0  Authority record control number or standard number redescribed in Appendix A (Control Subfields)

The following field did not have technical changes but contains editorial modifications:

Examples revised in 382 (Medium of Performance).

See also:

Appendix F:  Format Change Lists