Definition and scope:

Field 490 contains series statements.

Specific field information:

For information on content designators (indicator and subfield code definitions and examples), National level requirements, field and subfield repeatability, and input conventions for any of the 4XX fields, select from the list below:

490  Series Statement  (R)

Content designator history:

400  Series Statement/Added Entry - Personal Name  (R)  (USA only)

410  Series Statement/Added Entry - Corporate Name  (R)  (USA only)

411  Series Statement/Added Entry - Meeting Name  (R)  (USA only)

These fields became local to the United States in 1999 since they were obsolete in the CAN/MARC format.  They are described in Appendix H:  Local Data Elements.

440  Series Statement/Added Entry - Title  (R)  [obsolete, 2008]

For reference purposes, a description of this field is in Appendix H:  Local Data Elements.

See also:

800-830  Series Added Entry Fields

Variable Data Fields