246 Second indicator:  Value 0 - Portion of title

Value 0 indicates that the title given in field 246 is a portion of a title for which access or an added entry is desired, but which does not require that a note be generated from this field.  Examples for which value 0 is used are:

portions of the title in field 245, such as part or section titles (subfield $p);

alternative titles (subfield $a);

portions of the title proper/short title for which access is desirable (subfield $a).

The portion of the title is transcribed as it appears.


245  00  $aFresenius' Zeitschrift für analytische Chemie.

246  30  $aZeitschrift für analytische Chemie

245  00  $aAmerican Council on Education studies.$nSeries III,$pFinancial advisory services

246  30  $aFinancial advisory services

245  04  $aThe Berkley book of modern writing.

246  30  $aModern writing

[Title given prominence by typography.]

Other title information when field 245 subfield $b consists of an initialism or full form of title rejected as title proper.


245  00  $aLibrary resources market place :$bLRMP.

246  30  $aLRMP

To return, select:

246  Varying Form of Title