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LC/PCC practice:  Prior to Dec. 1, 2002, this rule called for the selection of the acronym or initialism as the title proper if it was the only form of title presented in other locations.  Do not change any existing bibliographic or series authority records created before Dec. 1, 2002.


Words, Phrases, Etc.:

In any case of doubt as to whether a word, phrase, or other statement is part of the title proper, apply the same guidelines as given in this rule in regard to the inclusion of a corporate body’s name (or abbreviation of that name) as part of the title proper.


Common Title/Section Title:

In applying rule 12.1B4, consider all presentations of the common title and section title within the item.  If both the common title and the section title appear in the same prescribed source for the title and statement of responsibility area in the appropriate AACR2 chapter, consider the application of rule 12.1B4 rather than rule 12.1B6; proximity in the same source is not a factor.  If rule 12.1B4 is to be applied, the source containing both titles is the chief source of information for the item.  For printed resources, the source should be one of the preliminaries, the publisher's listing, or the colophon.

Updating remote electronic resources.  For most such resources, what appears at first to be a common title may instead be a statement of responsibility, the name of the parent electronic resource, or another component of the resource.  If in doubt, do not consider it to be a common title.

Common Title or Unnumbered Series?:

When there is only one designation on the serial or no numbering on the integrating resource, it may be difficult to determine if the more comprehensive title is a common title or the title of an unnumbered series.  To help make this determination, consider the presence of other records in the catalog in which the common title appears, either treated as a series or as part of the title proper.

a.   Treat both titles as the title proper if:

1.   the comprehensive title is carried by a group of related resources that are issued by the same publisher in a similar format.  Frequently the section title will consist of no more than a geographic designation or subject phrase.

Common title and section title:

245 00 $a Global studies. $p Latin America.

245 00 $a CAS biotech updates. $p Pharmaceutical applications.

245 00 $a Situation and outlook report. $p Agricultural resources.

245 00 $a Butterworths forms and precedents. $p Estates ...

2.   the section title is dependent on the more comprehensive title (cf. LCRI 25.6A), or the more comprehensive title is essentially general (e.g., "Acts," "Abstracts," "Journal," "Proceedings," "Legislation," "Practice") and the second title includes or consists of a subject phrase that indicates a division of the general title.

Common title and section title:

245 00 $a Directory. $p Plastics-molders.

245 00 $a Acta ciencia Indica. $p Mathematics.

245 00 $a Proceedings. $p Chemical sciences ...

245 00 $a Australian corporation law. $p Principles and practice.

b.   In all other cases or in case of doubt:

1.   Serials.  Treat the more comprehensive title as a series.

245 00 $a Women and the law.

4XX           From the state capitals

245 00 $a Massachusetts facts.

4XX           Flying with colors

2.   Updating loose-leafs.  Treat the more comprehensive title as a common title.


Mark of Omission at the End of the Title:

If numbering occurs at the end of the title proper without a linking word, do not consider it as part of the title proper.

source:  The Year in Sports 1993

transcription:  245 00 $a The year in sports.

Consider the date to be part of the title proper and include a mark of omission for the following situations:

1.   There is a linking word between the designation and the preceding part of the title proper.

source:  Sport in 1981

transcription:  245 00 $a Sport in ...

2.   Case endings of one or more words in the chronological designation link these words with antecedents within the preceding part of the title proper.

source:  Taqrīr al-sanawī li-sanat 1980

transcription:  245 00 $a Taqrīr al sanawī li-sanat ...

Omission of Designation Wording from Titles:

LC/PCC practice:  When the chronological designation is expressed as a span of dates, consider all portions of the date to be part of the chronological designation and not part of the title, even if part of the date remains constant from year to year, e.g., the month.

245 00 $a Annual report of the Center for the fiscal year ...

362 0# $a July 1, 1961 to June 30, 1962-

(Report year is from July 1 to June 30)

245 00 $a Biennial report for the years ...

362 0# $a 1988 and 1989-

245 00 $a Informe de labores realizadas del ...

362 0# $a 10 de junio de 1975 al 30 de junio de 1976-

See also:

12.1.  Title and Statement of Responsibility