These guidelines appear also in LCRI 22.1B.

1.   Initials/letters

a.   Name portion of heading.

Periods.  If the name of a person consists of or contains initials, input a period after an initial if it is certain that the letter is an initial.  In case of doubt, do not input a period.

100 1# $aEliot, T. S.

100 0# $aH. D.

If the name consists of separate letters that are presumed not to be initials, omit or include periods according to the predominant usage of the person.

100 0# $aX Y Z

Spaces.  If the name contains two or more forenames represented by initials, consists entirely of initials, or consists entirely of separate letters that are not initials, input a single space between the initials/letters in all cases.

100 1# $aEliot, T. S.

100 0# $aH. D.

100 0# $aX Y Z

b.   "Additions" to name headings.

Periods.  With initials, include periods unless the author’s predominant usage makes it clear that the author omits them.

Spaces.  Do not leave spaces between single initials/letters.

100 1# $aBrown, G. B.,$cF.I.P.S.

Treat an abbreviation consisting of more than a single letter as if it were a distinct word, separating it with a space from preceding and succeeding words or initials/letters.

100 1# $aBrown, G. B.,$cPh. D.

2.   Names with portions abbreviated or missing.  If a part of a name is abbreviated (two or more letters present as opposed to a single letter used as an initial) or if a forename is missing from a name entered under surname, do not leave open space after the abbreviation or missing forename.  Instead, insert, as appropriate,

a period:

100 1# $aTissot.

(Add period at end in bibliographic record, but not in authority record.)

100 1# $aCorpeleijn, W. F. Th.

100 1# $aJunager, Sv.-Aa.

(The hyphen reflects the usage of the language of the name.)

a period and one space:

100 1# $aEnschedé, Ch. J.

a period and a comma:

100 1# $aJones, Th.,$d1910-

100 1# $aCalles Ll., Alfonso

100 1# $aDahlan Aman, Mohd.,$cHaji

(For these names, add period at end in bibliographic record, but not in authority record.)

3.   Surnames alone including prefixes/particles.  If a name heading consisting entirely of one or more surnames also contains a separately written prefix/particle, see instructions in LCRI 22.5D.

4.   Bibliographic description.  Note that the spacing and punctuation conventions applied to personal names used in access points differ from those used in the descriptive portion of a bibliographic record; for the latter, see the section:  Other Parts of the Bibliographic Record (General).

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