Table of Contents:


1.  General

2.  Manual mode

3.  Computerized mode

4.  Application

Access Points in Name Authority and Bibliographic Records (General)

1.  Punctuation/spacing within headings

a.  Spaces following periods

b.  Punctuation preceding the name of a language in uniform titles (240)

c.  Ampersand

d.  Parenthesis

e.  Quotation mark

f.   Open date

2.  Ending mark of punctuation

a.  Name authority records

b.  Bibliographic records

Personal Name Heading Access Points in Name Authority and Bibliographic Records

1.  Initials/letters

a.  Name portion of heading



b.  "Additions" to name headings



2.  Names with portions abbreviated or missing

3.  Surnames alone including prefixes/particles

4.  Bibliographic description

Corporate Name Heading Access Points, Including Meetings, in Name Authority and Bibliographic Records

1.  Quotation marks

2.  Initials

3.  Abbreviations

4.  Place name at end

5.  Numerical or alphabetical designation

6.  Dash or hyphen

7.  Year in conference name

8.  Series of words

Bibliographic Linking Entries

Other Parts of the Bibliographic Record (General)

1.  Elements that are not initials, etc.

2.  Initials, etc.

3.  Year in the name of a conference

4.  Dash in a title

5.  Variant title

Punctuation in Titles Proper that is also ISBD Punctuation

Punctuation at the End of Fields 245, 250, 260, 300, 310/321, 362

1.  Fields 245, 250

2.  Field 260

3.  Field 300

4.  Fields 310/321

5.  Field 362

Punctuation in Notes

1.  Additional information expected

2.  Ending mark of punctuation (5XX)

LC/CONSER Practice for Temporary/Uncertain Data

1.  General

2.  Detailed guidelines for recording temporary/uncertain data

a.  Changes in title data (246/247)

b.  Publication, distribution, etc. area (260)

Permanent date

Temporary date

Non-Christian era date

c.  Physical description area (300)


Bibliographic record

d.  Frequency information (310/321)

e.  Series area:  open entry multipart items in series (4XX)

f.   Series area:  only some issues of a serial or parts of a multipart item in a series (4XX)

g.  Notes area (5XX)

h.  Bibliographic linking entry notes (76X-78X)

See also:

1.0.  General Rules