If the person uses only his or her surname or only a term of address, etc., and a surname, establish the surname without forename(s) as the heading. (However, see 22.6 for persons of nobility who do not use a forename.)


See LCRI 22.5D for guidelines for the treatment of prefixes/particles (articles and prepositions) in such headings and associated cross references.

Cross References:

Rule 22.15A, covering names consisting only of a surname plus an associated word or phrase, actually includes two quite distinct types of name:

1. Names established because of a regular practice of using only the surname with a term of address in statements of responsibility on the chief source. This was a normal practice in the 18th and early 19th centuries and is an infrequent, although not unusual, practice today in some languages (e.g., abbé Deidier).

2. "Phrase" headings consisting of a surname and an associated word or phrase. Most such headings are pseudonyms or assumed names (e.g., Dr. Seuss, Miss Read, Grandma Moses).

Generally make a cross reference from the direct form only for names in the second category.

See also:

22.15. Additions to Names Entered Under Surname