When the body being entered subordinately contains the name or part of the name of the higher body as an element of its own name, routinely omit this element whenever the particular higher body’s name is retained in the hierarchy shown in the heading.

If a body is entered subordinately according to types 2, 3, 4, or 5, make a direct reference from the name of the subordinate body only if its name appears without the name of its parent body on the chief source of one of its own publications. When making the reference, generally, qualify the name with the name of the parent body (in the form and language on which the heading for the parent body is based, not necessarily its catalog-entry form).

Note: If a name authority record for a heading established before January 1981 contains such a direct reference, accept it as valid without examining the evidence (although a qualifier may have to be added to it).

24.13: TYPE 2

24.13: TYPE 3

24.13: TYPE 5

24.13: TYPE 6

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