1. The "catalog" when testing for conflict. When searching the catalog to determine if a uniform title is needed for a serial/series or multipart item, define the "catalog" as the file against which the searching and cataloging is being done. In addition, catalogers (including LC overseas offices' catalogers and PCC participants) may take into account any serial/series or multipart item with the same title of which they know, whether or not it is in the catalog.

2. Eligible title fields for conflict.

a. Take into account the title proper of a serial/series/multipart item; such a title proper can be found in the 245 , 247 , 4XX , 730 , 760-787 , 8XX fields of bibliographic records and the 130 field of series authority records (SARS).

b. Do not take into account variant forms of title represented by added entries ( 246 , 740 fields) in bibliographic records or by cross references ( 4XX fields) in name and series authority records. (Note: according to LCRI 26.5A, a qualifier is added to a cross reference in the authority record to break the conflict with a title proper in the same or another record.)

3. Resolve the conflict by using a uniform title heading or name heading/uniform title in the bibliographic or series authority record being created. Do not also add a uniform title heading or a name heading/uniform title to the existing record.


a. See the paragraph for physical medium under "Choice of qualifying term" in "Serials (Including Numbered and Unnumbered Monographic Series) Entered Under Title" and "...Under Name Heading."

b. See 5. Unnumbered/numbered titles from the same body in the "Serials (Including Numbered and Unnumbered Monographic Series) Entered Under Title" section for adding "(Unnumbered)" as qualifier.

c. See 1b. , 1c., 4., and 5. in the "Monographs" section.

d. See 2. in the "Title/Phrase Heading in Series Authority Record Identical to Personal or Corporate Name" section.

4. Use the uniform title heading or name heading/uniform title whenever the serial/series or multipart item is referred to in other access points (added or subject entries, subseries headings, etc.) and in linking notes.

5. Do not predict a conflict.

6. Republications. When a serial/series/multipart item is republished (as a text, as a microform, as a large print, as a braille edition, as a digitized reproduction, etc.), do not use a uniform title to distinguish one of these republications from the original. If the original itself has a uniform title, use the same uniform title for the republication.

See also:

25.5B. Conflict Resolution