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Specific Material Designation:

LC practice:  Rule 6.5B1 authorizes the following terms for use in recording the specific material designation for a sound recording:  sound cartridge, sound cassette, sound disc, sound tape reel, sound track film.

Effective May 1, 2000, add the term "sound disc cartridge" to the list.  Use it to describe digitally encoded discs permanently encased in a cartridge (magneto optical disks, MiniDiscs, etc.).

Add as the third example:

300 ## $a 2 sound disc cartridges

Multipart Items:

For multipart items, give only the number of physical units (e.g., discs) in the physical description area.  If the number of containers or discographic units (often called "volumes") differs from the number of physical units, give this information in notes (cf. LCRI 6.7B10, LCRI 6.7B18).

For multipart items that are not yet complete, give in the physical description area the cumulative number of physical units held in angle brackets (i.e., follow LCRI 1.0C. LC/CONSER Practice for Temporary/Uncertain Data, 2.c.4) in all cases).  If the holdings are not clear from the contents note (e.g., when there is no contents note), give them in a separate note (cf. 6.7B20, LCRI 1.7B20).

Option Decisions:

First option

LC practice:  Do not apply the first optional provision of the rule.

Second option

LC practice:  Do not apply the second optional provision of the rule.


LC Practice:

For sound recordings of music give the total duration in the physical description area only if the recording contains only one work (as defined in Appendix D, "Musical Work" (1)), 25.25A, Footnote 9), regardless of the number of physical units (e.g., discs) in the recording.  State the duration in the form illustrated by examples in 1.5B4.  Give a duration equal to or greater than one hour as hours and minutes or as minutes (in either case with seconds if appropriate), depending on how it is stated in the item being cataloged.

For sound recordings of music containing more than one work, the total duration may be given in the physical description area; in addition apply LCRI 6.7B10 or LCRI 6.7B18 as may be appropriate.

When the total playing time of a sound recording is not stated on the item but the durations of its parts (sides, individual works, etc.) are, if desired add the stated durations together and record the total, rounding off to the next minute if the total exceeds 5 minutes.

Precede a statement of duration by "ca." only if the statement is given on the item in terms of an approximation.  Do not add "ca." to a duration arrived at by adding partial durations or by rounding off seconds.

If no durations are stated on the item or if the durations of some but not all the parts of a work are stated, do not give a statement of duration.  Do not approximate durations from the number of sides of a disc, type of cassette, etc.

See also:

6.5.  Physical Description Area