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Simple Contents - Terminology:

To increase consistency in simple contents notes certain types of map contents are described by means of preferred or standard terms. These terms are used to described items not quoted by title, and, in some instanced, in conjunction with quoted titles.

These items vary in importance. Certain items are considered so unimportant that their presence in a recto or verso contents note is usually not mentioned. These same items are almost never mentioned if they occur on a cover that would otherwise be discarded.

Optional items are mentioned in simple contents notes according to the cataloger’s judgment of the relative importance of the elements, whether or not the elements might reasonably be expected to appear on the type of item being described, and, the length or complexity of the resultant contents note if the element(s) is included.


Distance Chart, Distance Table

Local Route Maps

Ancillary Maps see also Insets

Distance Diagram

Location Map see also Coverage Map

Area Map see Location Map

Distance List

Maps see Ancillary Maps

Assembly Diagrams

Editorial Diagram see Diagram of Cartographic Responsibility

Metric/English Conversion Charts



Mileage Chart see Distance Chart, Distance Table



Mileage Diagram see Distance Diagram

Coats of Arms


Mileage List see Distance List

Community Information


Navigational Aids

Compass Roses

Descriptive Index

Profile see also Cross Section

Continuations see also Ancillary Maps

Index to Points of Interest

Regional Map see Location Map

Coverage Map, Coverage Diagram see also Location Map

Index Map, Sheet Index

Road Signs

Cross Section see also Profile

Index to Adjoining Sheets

Street Index see Index

Declination Diagrams

Insets see also Ancillary Maps

Statistics, Statistical Information, Etc.

Descriptive Index see Index



Diagram of Cartographic Responsibility

Local Maps

Tourist Information



Wind Rose see Compass Roses

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