Transcribe information that appears on the item as full or partial publication statements in the publication, distribution, etc. area, according to the rules (9) without brackets. Even if such information must appear elsewhere in the description (e.g., as part of a necessary statement of responsibility or a quoted note), the information still appears in the publication, distribution, etc. area without brackets.

Since it is often difficult to determine whether information on an item is presented as a full or partial publication statement, use judgment in making this distinction. Presentation of the information in connection with another function (e.g., printing, drafting, distribution, etc.) is usually taken as evidence that the information is not publication information.

ISBD requires that the date in the publication, distribution, etc. are is always preceded by a comma-space (i.e., no mark intervenes between the prescribed comma and the date). This ISBD provision takes precedence over The Chicago Manual of Style, which specifies that a comma should be inside a closing quotation mark. Example:







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