2A1.  Prescribed punctuation

2A2.  Sources of information

2A3.  Form and order of information

2A1.  Prescribed punctuation

For instructions on the use of spaces before and after prescribed punctuation, see 0E.

Precede the edition area by a period-space-dash-space.

Precede a statement relating to a named revision of an edition by a comma.

Precede the first statement of responsibility following an edition statement by a diagonal slash.

Precede each subsequent statement of responsibility by a semicolon.

For the use of the equals sign to precede parallel statements, see the appropriate rules following.

2A2.  Sources of information

The prescribed sources of information for the edition area are the title page, other preliminaries, colophon, and dust jacket (see introductory section IX.2), in that order of preference.  If an edition statement or any part of the edition area is transcribed from elsewhere than the title page, indicate its source in a note.

The third edition corrected, and considerably enlarged

Note:  Edition statement from half-title

Book Club edition

Note:  Edition statement from dust jacket

2A3.  Form and order of information

Transcribe edition information in the form and order in which it is presented in the source, unless instructed otherwise by specific rules (see 0G).

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