Name and Title Authority Sources identifies databases and lists containing standard names of persons, organizations, families, and meetings and standard titles for resources and assigns a code to each database or list.  The purpose of this list is to enable the source of an authorized form of a name or resource title in a metadata records to be indicated by a code.  For code assignment, general structure, usage, and maintenance guidelines see Introduction.

Note:  Some subject heading lists also incorporate names and titles.  Thus the lists assigned source codes in Subject Heading and Term Source Codes may also be used in the usage elements identified for names and titles if appropriate.  Many of the subject sources that contain names and titles, along with subjects, are repeated on this list with the same source code.

Others subject heading lists, such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings employ independent name and title lists for parts of a subject heading.  Thus the sources assigned source codes in this list may also be used in the usage elements identified for subjects in Subject Heading and Term Source Codes, if appropriate.

Arrangement of the list

Entries in the list are arranged in alphabetical order by the code and consist of the source code followed by the bibliographic citation for the source documentation.  The citations are linked to the online source for some codes.

Code structure

Each code consists of a maximum of 12 lowercase alphabetic characters.  Possible additions to codes are described in Source Code Maintenance.

Name and Title Authority Source Codes


Autoridades de la Biblioteca Nacional de España (Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional de España)


Fichier d'autorité local de Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec)


Bibliotheca Alexandrina name and subject authority file (Alexandria, Egypt: Bibliotheca Alexandrina)


CANTIC (Catàleg d'autoritats de noms i títols de Catalunya) (Biblioteca de Catalunya)

Note: Code previously defined for usage in Standard Identifier Source Codes.  Usage has been expanded.


CERL thesaurus


CONOR.SI (name authority file) (Maribor, Slovenia: Institut informacijskih znanosti (IZUM))


Gemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei (Leipzig, Frankfurt: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)


Gemeinsame Normdatei (Leipzig, Frankfurt: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)


HAPI thesaurus and name authority, 1970-2000 (Los Angeles, CA: UCLC Latin America Center Pubs.)


Hong Kong Chinese Authority File (Name) - HKCAN (Honk Kong: JULAC)


Library and Archives Canada name authority file (Ottawa: ON: Library and Archives Canada)  [Equivalent to second indicator value 5 in name and title headings]


NACO authority file


National Agricultural Library name authority file (Beltsville, Maryland: National Agricultural Library)  [Equivalent to second indicator value 3 in name and title headings]


National Library of Israel Authority File (Jerusalem: National Library of Israel)


National Library of Medicine name authority file (Bethesda, Maryland: National Library of Medicine)  [Equivalent to second indicator value 2 in name and title headings]


Nederlandse Thesaurus van Auteursnamen (Koninklijke Bibliotheek)


New Zealand national bibliographic (Wellington: National Library of New Zealand)


South African national bibliography authority file


Union list of artist names (Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute)


UNBIS name authority list (New York, NY: Dag Hammarskjöld Library, United Nations; [London]: Chadwyck-Healey)


Virtual International Authority File

Usage in MARC 21

 Bibliographic records

600-651, 654, 662 $2 (Subject Added Entries / Source of heading or term)

751 $2 (Added Entry - Geographic Name / Source of heading or term)

752 $2 (Added Entry - Hierarchical Place Name / Source of heading or term)

 Authority records

373 $2 (Affiliation / Source of term)

376 $2 (Family Information / Source of term)

700-788 $2 (Heading Linking Entries / Source of heading or term)

MODS/MADS Elements

 mods: titleInfo @authority

 mods: name @authority

 mods: subject / titleInfo @authority

 mods: subject / name @authority

 mads: authority / name @authority

 mads: authority / titleInfo @authority

 mads: related / name @authority

 mads: related / titleInfo @authority

 mads: variant / name @authority

 mads: variant / titleInfo @authority

 mads: affiliation / organization / name @authority

 mads: affiliation / organization / titleInfo @authority

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