MARC Field Index to Source Code Usage

Source Code Lists:

Abbreviated Title Source Codes

 Field 210  (Bibliographic)

Access Restriction Term Source Codes

 Field 506  (Bibliographic and Holdings)

Accessibility Content Source Codes

 Field 341  (Bibliographic)

Availability Status Code Source Codes

 Field 366  (Bibliographic)

Caption Abbreviation Source Codes

 Fields 853, 854, 855  (Holdings)

Cartographic Data Source Codes

 Field 034  (Authority, Bibliographic, and Classification)

Citation Scheme Source Codes

 Field 524  (Bibliographic)

Classification Scheme Source Codes

 Fields 052, 065, 086, 087  (Authority)

 Fields 052, 055, 084, 086, 852  (Bibliographic)

 Field 084  (Classification)

 Fields 052, 084  (Community Information)

 Field 852  (Holdings)

Content Advice Classification Source Codes

 Field 520  (Bibliographic)

Copyright and Legal Deposit Number Source Codes

 Field 017  (Bibliographic and Holdings)

Country Code and Term Source Codes

 Field 044  (Bibliographic)

Curriculum Objective Code and Term Source Codes

 Field 658  (Bibliographic and Community Information)

Date and Time Scheme Source Codes

 Field 046  (Authority, Bibliographic, and Community Information)

Description Convention Source Codes

 Field 040  (Authority and Bibliographic)

Entity Type Source Codes

 Field 075  (Authority)

Fingerprint Scheme Source Codes

 Field 026  (Bibliographic)

Format Source Codes

 Fields 886, 887  (Bibliographic)

Frequency of Issue Code and Term Source Codes

 Fields 853, 854, 855  (Holdings)

Function Term Source Codes

 Field 657  (Bibliographic and Community Information)

Gender Code and Term Source Codes

 Field 375  (Authority)

Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes

 Fields 040, 336, 755, 785  (Authority)

 Fields 336, 337, 338, 655  (Bibliographic)

 Fields 337, 338  (Holdings)

Geographic Area Code and Term Source Codes

 Field 043  (Authority, Bibliographic, Classification, and Community Information)

Holdings Scheme Source Codes

 Fields 866, 867, 868  (Holdings)

Human Services Code Source Codes

 Field 072  (Community Information)

Language Code and Term Source Codes

 Field 377  (Authority and Bibliographic)

 Field 041  (Bibliographic and Community Information)

Musical Composition Form Code Source Codes

 Field 047  (Bibliographic)

Musical Incipit Scheme Source Codes

 Field 031  (Authority and Bibliographic)

Musical Instrumentation and Voice Code and Term Source Codes

 Fields 382, 762  (Authority)

 Fields 048, 382  (Bibliographic)

Name and Title Authority Source Codes

 Fields 373, 376, 700-788  (Authority)

 Fields 600-651, 654, 662, 751, 752  (Bibliographic)

National Bibliography Number Source Codes

 Field 015  (Bibliographic)

Occupation Term Source Codes

 Field 374  (Authority)

 Field 656  (Bibliographic and Community Information)

Organization Code Source Codes

Price Type Code Source Codes

 Field 365  (Bibliographic)

Program Code Source Codes

 Field 073  (Community Information)

Relator and Role Code and Term Source Codes

Resource Action Term Source Codes

 Field 583  (Bibliographic and Holdings)

Script Code and Term Source Codes

Standard Identifier Source Codes

 Field 024  (Authority, Bibliographic, and Holdings)

Subject Category Code Source Codes

 Fields 072, 073  (Authority)

 Field 072  (Bibliographic)

Subject Heading and Term Source Codes

 Fields 040, 370, 372, 373, 376, 380, 381, 700-788  (Authority)

 Fields 033, 257, 380, 381, 518, 600-651, 654, 662, 751, 752  (Bibliographic)

 Fields 700-711, 730-751, 754  (Classification)

 Fields 600-651, 654  (Community Information)

Target Audience Code and Term Source Codes

Taxonomic Classification Source Codes

 Field 754  (Bibliographic)

Temporal Term Source Codes

 Field 388  (Authority and Bibliographic)

Thematic Index Code Source Codes

 Field 383  (Authority and Bibliographic)

Transliteration Scheme Code Source Codes

 There is no MARC 21 equivalent for this attribute.


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