The following documents the changes contained in the nineteenth update to the 1999 edition of MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data.  Update No. 19 (October 2014) includes changes resulting from proposals that were considered by the MARC 21 community during June 2014.

New content designators:


370  Associated Place  (R)

388  Time Period of Creation  (R)

Subfield codes

$g  Miscellaneous information (R) in 650 (Subject Added Entry - Topical Term)

$g  Miscellaneous information (R) in 651 (Subject Added Entry - Uniform Title)

Obsolete content designator:


648  Subject Added Entry - Chronological Term - 1st indicator (Type of date or time period):  values # (No information provided), 0 (Date or time period covered or depicted), and 1 (Date or time period of creation or origin)

Changes in repeatability:

Subfield codes

$g  Miscellaneous information changed to Repeatable (R) in:

100 (Main Entry - Personal Name)

110 (Main Entry - Corporate Name)

111 (Main Entry - Meeting Name)

130 (Main Entry - Uniform Title)

240 (Uniform Title)

243 (Collective Uniform Title)

246 (Varying Form of Title)

247 (Former Title)

600 (Subject Added Entry - Personal Name)

610 (Subject Added Entry - Corporate Name)

611 (Subject Added Entry - Meeting Name)

630 (Subject Added Entry - Uniform Title)

700 (Added Entry - Personal Name)

710 (Added Entry - Corporate Name)

711 (Added Entry - Meeting Name)

730 (Added Entry - Uniform Title)

800 (Series Added Entry - Personal Name)

810 (Series Added Entry - Corporate Name)

811 (Series Added Entry - Meeting Name)

830 (Series Added Entry - Uniform Title)

The following field did not have technical changes but contains editorial modifications:

Subfield $s (Total number of performers) in field 382 (Medium of Performance) was incorrectly designated as repeatable (R) when the subfield was defined in Update 14 (April 2012).  A correction to the documentation has been made in line with the definition of the subfield, and $s is now not repeatable (NR).

See also:

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