The description is divided into the following areas:

Title and statement of responsibility

Version, edition

Country of production

Distribution, release, broadcast

Physical description



Each of these areas is divided into a number of elements as set out in this and in following chapters.  Not all areas will apply when describing individual moving image works.  For a definition of the area terms, see the rules for each area and the Glossary.

See the following example for the organization of a catalog entry.

Title and statement of responsibility:

245 04 $a The midnight ride of Paul Revere / $c Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; director, Charles J. Brabin.

Varying form of title:

246 3# $a Ride of Paul Revere

246 3# $a Paul Revere’s ride

(For rules governing varying form of title, see AACR2, 21.30J and Library of Congress Rule Interpretation 21.30J.)

Version, edition statement:

250 ## $a [Re-edited version].

Country of production:

257 ## $a United States.

Distribution, release, broadcast:

260 ## $a United States : $b K.E.S.E., $c 1917.

Physical description:

300 ## $a 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (11 min.) : $b si., b&w ; $c 1/2 in. $3 viewing copy.

300 ## $a 1 film reel of 1 (11 min., 377 ft.) : $b si., b&w ; $c 16 mm. $3 triacetate answer print.

300 ## $a 1 film reel of 1 (11 min., 377 ft.) : $b si., b&w ; $c 16 mm. $3 triacetate dupe neg pic.

300 ## $a 1 film reel of 1 (11 min., 377 ft.) : $b si., b&w ; $c 16 mm. $3 triacetate master pos pic.

Series statement:

440 #0 $a Conquest program ; $v no. 12


500 ## $a Title appears as The ride of Paul Revere in the Conquest catalog and as Paul Revere's ride in Moving picture world, v. 33, p. ix.

511 1# $a Augustus Phillips, Richard Tucker, Harry Linson, Yale Brenner, Benjamin F. Mears.

500 ## $a Copyright: Thomas A. Edison, Inc.; 8Oct17; LP115.

500 ## $a This is a re-edited version of the two-reel motion picture of the same title released by Edison on October 30, 1914; Edison copyrighted another film under this title in 1907.

500 ## $a Based on the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

500 ## $a Source used: Moving picture world, v. 22, p. 460, 527.

541 ## $d Received: 10/2/1990 from LC video lab; $3 viewing copy; $c preservation; $a Kleine (George) Collection.

541 ## $d Received: 7/20/1959 from LC film lab; $3 answer print, dupe neg pic, master pos pic; $c preservation; $a Kleine (George) Collection.


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