Capitalization and punctuation:  Capitalize the first word of the subseries and precede the title of a subseries by a period, space.

A subseries is a group of programs with a title that is subordinate to a larger series.  There may be several different subseries within a particular series.  The subseries title follows the series title and precedes the episode title.  If the subseries has part numbers, the part number follows the subseries title and precedes the episode title.

245 00 $a ABC scope. $p The Vietnam War. $p Children of war.

245 00 $a ABC scope. $p The Vietnam War. $p How much dissent?

245 00 $a Great performances. $p Dance in America. $p Martha Graham Dance Company. $p Clytemnestra.

245 00 $a Mystery. $p Die Kinder. $n Part 1, $p Direct action.

245 00 $a Mystery. $p Mother love. $n Part 1.

A title used to group two or more series which rotate in the same time slot in different weeks should not be treated as a subseries title.  See 6K.

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