Catalog television series under the series title and identifying element separated by a period, space.

245 00 $a America 2night. $n Episode no. 233.

245 00 $a M*A*S*H. $p Abyssinia Henry.

245 00 $a 60 minutes. $n Vol. 7, no. 29.

245 00 $a Roots--the next generations. $n Show no. 1.

245 00 $a Roots--the next generations. $n Show no. 2.

245 00 $a Biff Baker, U.S.A. $p Trouble in Pakistan.

245 00 $a CBS news special report. $p The Duke, 1907-1979.

245 00 $a ABC news closeup. $p The weekend athletes.


1B1.1.1.  Episode titles, numbers, and dates used to distinguish episodes within a series

1B1.1.2.  Pilots

1B1.1.3.  Episodes with more than one segment

1B1.1.4.  Subseries

1B1.1.5.  Television news

1B1.1.6.  Televised sports events

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1B1.  Title proper of television series, theatrical serials, newsreels, and non-television educational and technical series intended to be viewed consecutively

1B.  Title proper

1.  Title and Statement of Responsibility Area