For televised sports events use the title found on the preferred source and/or other sources as the title proper.

The following option applies only to the actual sports events, not to other sports coverage such as pre-game and post-game shows, highlights, specials, etc.

Optionally, archives may choose to format titles of sports events uniformly in order to provide quicker and more consistent access.  The titles for such works often vary depending on the broadcast network, sponsor, or other considerations.  To construct the title, usually use, in this order: the league, event, the name of the sport, the broadcast date in the YYYY-MM-DD format, and the participants.  Use the full form of the participants’ names, if known.

Some parts of the title may be found on the work or secondary sources, but because the title is constructed in a uniform format, the whole title proper is to be considered supplied and should be enclosed in brackets.  For series titles see below.

245 00 $a [NFL football. $n 1993-10-12, $p Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears].

246 1# $i Title on accompanying paperwork: $a Falcons at Bears football. $n 10-12-93

245 00 $a [Wimbledon tennis. $n 1983-06-20].

246 1# $i Title on accompanying paperwork: $a Championships at Wimbledon. $n 1983, $p First day

Give other information as the part title if such information is considered useful.

245 00 $a [Wimbledon tennis. $n 1980-07-05, $p Men’s singles finals. $p Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe].

For named sports events, use the name of the event as the first part of the title proper, followed by the date, and the names of the participants, if known.

245 00 $a [Super Bowl XXXII football. $n 1998-01-26, $p Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers].

For sports events broadcast as part of a series, do not bracket the series title.  See also 1B1.1.4.

245 00 $a Monday night football. $p [NFL football. $n 1992-11-02, $p Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears].

246 30 $a NFL football. $n 1992-11-02, $p Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

246 1# $i Title on accompanying paperwork: $a Monday night football. $n Week 9, $p Vikings at Bears

245 00 $a HBO sports. $p [WCB boxing. $n 1993, $p Riddick Bowe vs. Evander Holyfield].

246 1# $i Title on accompanying paperwork: $a World championship boxing. $p Bowe vs. Holyfield

If the name of the sport appears in any portion of the supplied title (e.g., in the name of the league, the name of the series), it is not necessary to repeat it.

245 00 $a Shell’s wonderful world of golf. $n [1964-02-16, $p Knudson versus Leonard].

Make title added entries for titles found on the preferred source and/or other sources, and for other titles associated with the work.  Give a general note about the titles, as needed.

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