For television news, use the title found on the preferred source and/or other sources as the title proper.

The following option applies only to regularly scheduled news programs.

Optionally, archives may choose to format the titles of these news programs uniformly in order to provide consistent access to them.  To construct the title, usually use, in this order:  the network or television station, the word "news," the date, and the time of day, e.g., morning, midday, evening, night.  Although the name of a news program may be the same as the company that produced it, the word "news" is lowercased when it is part of the title.

245 00 $a [(Name of network or station) news. $n Date (using the YYYY-MM-DD format), $p Time of day (Morning, Midday, Evening, Night, or other appropriate designation)].

Some parts of the title may be found on the work or secondary sources, but because the title is constructed in a uniform format, the whole title proper is to be considered supplied and should be enclosed in brackets.

245 00 $a [ABC news. $n 1997-01-01, $p Morning].

245 00 $a [NBC news. $n 1980-12-12, $p Evening].

To distinguish between separate feeds or times of broadcast, add the time and the word "feed" following the time of day.

245 00 $a [CBS news. $n 1980-11-04, $p Evening. $n 6:30 feed].

245 00 $a [CBS news. $n 1980-11-04, $p Evening. $n 7:00 feed].

For news programs that are broadcast on the same day, with the same designation, "Update," "Newsbreak," etc., but at different times, include the time following the designation.

245 00 $a [CBS news. $n 1982-09-25, $p Update. $n 5:20-5:30 PM EST].

For locally televised news programs, use the call letters of the local station as the first part of the title proper.  If a place name appears with the call letters, record it after the call letters.  Use the comma, space punctuation.

245 00 $a [WTTG-TV, Washington, D.C., news. $n 1981-05-05, $p Midday].

Make title added entries for the title found on the preferred and/or other sources, and for other titles associated with the work.  Give notes about the titles, as needed.  See 7B4.

For excerpts of news programs, see 1F1 and 1F1.2.

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