The function of persons or corporate bodies receiving "vanity credits" can also be difficult to determine.  If a person or body named in a "vanity credit" has not made a major contribution to the creation of the work (for example, the head of a motion picture studio may receive a "vanity credit" on every film the studio makes), the name may be omitted or placed in a credit note.  See 7B5.

On work:  Adolph Zukor and Jesse L. Lasky Present.

Determination (based on research in secondary sources):  vanity credit for heads of a studio.  See 1G3.3.

Placement:  credits note.

508 ## $a Adolf Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky present.

When the "vanity credit" simply repeats the name of a person or corporate body whose function has already been determined, it is not necessary to repeat the credit.

On work:  a Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer production; produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer.

Determination:  producers.

Placement:  statement of responsibility area.

245 00 $a Dangerous minds / $c Hollywood Pictures ; Via Rosa Productions ; directed by John N. Smith ; produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer ; screenplay by Ronald Bass.

The placement of other credits which may appear to be "vanity credits" will depend on the clarification of the exact function of that person or body.

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