When an episode of a television series has more than one segment, each of which is separately titled, place the credits for the episode as a whole in the statement of responsibility following the space, slash, space punctuation and/or in the credits and participants or performers notes.  See also 1B1.1.3, 7B5, and 7B6.

Credits for individual segments may be placed in a contents note.  See 7B28.

245 00 $a Fantasy Island. $p Cowboy [and] The substitute wife / $c a Spelling-Goldberg production in association with Columbia Pictures ; directed by Arnold Loven ; producer Arthur Rowe ; series created by Gene Levitt.

508 ## $a Director of photography, Emmett Bergholz ; music by Charles Albertini.

511 0# $a Cast for series: Ricardo Montalban, Herve Villechaize.

505 0# $a Cowboy / written by Robert Earll ; cast, Hugh O’Brian, Peter Breck -- The substitute wife / written by Ron Friedman ; cast, Jayne Meadows Allen, Peter Lawford, Sherry Jackson, Hans Conreid.

See also:

1G5.  Compilations, amateur footage of public events, home movies, trailers, etc.

1G.  Statement of responsibility

1.  Title and Statement of Responsibility Area