If a work is part of a subseries, give the details of the main series first and follow them with the name of the subseries and the details of that subseries.  Precede the title of a subseries by a period, space unless the subseries title is preceded by a series alphabetic or numeric designation, in which case, see below.

245 00 $a Managing fire risk / $c National Fire Prevention Association.

490 1# $a Fire prevention ; $v unit 4. Fire away series

830 #0 $a Fire prevention ; $v unit 4.

830 #0 $a Fire prevention. $p Fire away series.

For instruction on series and subseries used as the title proper, see 1B1.1.4.

If the subseries has an alphabetic or numeric designation and no title, give the alphabetic or numeric designation as the title of the subseries.

245 04 $a The story of modern Egypt / $c National Geographic Productions.

440 #0 $a World history from 1917 to present. $n Series 5 ; $v no. 8

If such a subseries has a title as well as an alphabetic or numeric designation, give the title after the designation preceded by a comma, space.

245 00 $a Biology / $c Coronet.

440 #0 $a Viewmaster science series. $n 4, $p Physics

Add other title information and statements of responsibility relating to subseries in the same manner as they are added to series.

Add the ISSN of a subseries if it appears on the work or in other sources; in such a case, omit the ISSN of the main series.

440 #0 $a Secretarial training series. $p Shorthand, $x 0215-0627 ; $v no. 6


440 #0 $a Secretarial training series, $x 0331-0801. Shorthand, $x 0215-0627 ; $v no. 6

Optionally, archives may choose not to record the ISSN for subseries.

Give the numbering within a subseries as instructed in 6G.

440 #0 $a Mathematics for elementary students. $p Whole numbers ; $v no. 10

490 1# $a Welding series ; $v no. 5. $p Gas metal arc welding ; $v no. 2

830 #0 $a Welding series ; $v no. 5.

830 #0 $a Welding series. $p Gas metal arc welding ; $v no. 2.

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