Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

21.1.  What are serial record modifications?

21.1.1.  Explanation of record modifications

21.1.2.  Cooperative cataloging

21.1.3.  Modifying "national level" records

21.1.4.  CONSER maintenance requirements

21.1.5.  Correcting errors

21.1.6.  Other significant changes based on local needs

21.2.  Updating bibliographic information

21.2.1.  Changes that may require a new record

21.2.2.  Changes affecting other access points

21.2.3.  Other changes to the bibliographic description

21.3.  Closing records for serials that have ceased

21.3.1.  AACR2 practice

21.3.2.  Pre-AACR2 practice

21.4.  Pre-AACR2 record modification

21.4.1.  Updating pre-AACR2 records

21.4.2.  Converting pre-AACR2 records to AACR2

21.5.  Record consolidation and separation

21.5.1.  Consolidating records due to fluctuating titles or titles of short duration

21.5.2.  Record separation

21.5.3.  Separating records for parts, cumulations, supplements

21.6.  Changes to existing standards:  MARC 21, LCSH, LCRI

21.6.1.  Changes to MARC 21

21.6.2.  Changes in subject headings

21.6.3.  Changes in uniform titles

21.7.  Deleting records

21.7.1.  Duplicate records

21.7.2.  Duplicate record examples from OCLC

21.8.  Upgrading minimal, core, and "lccopycat" records

21.8.1.  Adding subject analysis when upgrading minimal records

21.8.2.  Upgrading core records

21.8.3.  Upgrading "lccopycat" records

21.9.  Adding optional elements

21.10.  Revising AACR2 records to "back-up" the description

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