Serial records often need to be modified because serial publications exhibit changes that affect their bibliographic elements.  Correspondingly, record modifications have consistently represented over one-half of the transactions on the CONSER database in recent years.  These activities run the gamut from those that significantly increase the scope of a bibliographic record to more minor modifications that are added for specific needs.  This module discusses CONSER record changes ( FN1) that are made to maintain record authoritativeness and add new information.  A great variety of changes are covered here including:  closing serial records, updating pre-AACR2 records, deleting records, and adding new information.  Local information that is added in an institution’s catalog system, but not included in the "national record" in OCLC’s WorldCat, is not documented in this module.

Some of the instructions found here are also included in the CONSER Editing Guide (CEG) which documents CONSER policies and practices in its sections B and C .  Numerous sections in other modules of the CCM also contain useful information about changes and additions to existing records, most notably Module 16, “Changes that May Require a New Record.”  References to other modules are included here when the topic is covered elsewhere (see 21.2.).

This module will discuss

Closing records for serials that have ceased

Changes to pre-AACR2 records

Deleting records

Record consolidation and separation

Adding new bibliographic elements

Other related CONSER documentation



B3.3.  Modification of a Previously Authenticated Record

Section B4.  Record Maintenance

Section C7.  Duplicate Records

Section C8.  Record Consolidation/Separation

Section C9.  Converting Pre-AACR2 Records to AACR2

Section C10.  Latest Entry Records


Part 1.  Modules 7 through 16.  (See CCM 21.2.)

Part 2.  Module 22.  Interpreting Pre-AACR2 Serial Cataloging Records

Part 3.  Modules 30 through 33.  (See CCM 21.2.)

Definitions of terms used in this module

CONSER database:  The set of serial records input/created or otherwise introduced to the OCLC database that are authenticated by CONSER participants.  Although CONSER records reside in the local databases of CONSER institutions, maintenance is performed on CONSER records residing on OCLC, making that the authoritative set of CONSER records.  (CEG)

CONSER record:  A bibliographic record for a serial that has been authenticated by at least one participant in the CONSER Program.  (CEG)

National level record:  National level records (also called “national records”) adhere to cataloging standards to enhance their use by agencies world-wide.  CONSER records function as national serials records due to the fact that program catalogers follow standards found in AACR2, LCRI, MARC 21, CCM, and CEG.  CONSER records are available in the OCLC WorldCat catalog and other bibliographic utilities, and accessed through CONSER members’ local catalog systems.  (CCM)

Record Consolidation:  The merging of information from multiple serial records into fewer records, and the deletion of records no longer needed to describe a serial.  The records to be deleted are sometimes called superseded records.  Record consolidation involves selecting a record to retain (or keep), modifying that record, and reporting superseded records for deletion.  (CEG)

Record Conversion:  In this module the term is generally used for the conversion of pre-AACR2 records to comply with AACR2 conventions (also called “recataloging”).  (CCM)

Record Separation:  Differences in, or changes to, cataloging standards may lead to the separation of data initially recorded in a single record that is then rearranged for multiple records.  This typically results in retaining and modifying the initial record and creating an additional record for a related serial title(s).  Some information from the initial record is then transferred to the new record(s).  (CCM)

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