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C9.1.  Restrictions and procedures


C9.2.  Successive entry records


C9.3.  Latest entry records

If required by institutional policy, or if the cataloging complexities warrant it, pre-AACR2 records may be converted to RDA, according to CONSER policy as stated in B4.3.  In order to recatalog a record to RDA an issue must be in hand, the evidence from which is reflected in a "Description based on" citation of that issue in the 588 field.  NOTE:  A pre-AACR2 record for a monographic series is converted to RDA if an AACR2 series authority record for it exists in the Library of Congress/NACO Authority File (LC/NAF) and the form of the entry of the bibliographic record does not match the authority record.  For more information on pre-AACR2 records, see Module 22 of the CONSER Cataloging Manual, "Interpreting Pre-AACR2 Serial Cataloging Records."  See also CCM 21.4.2, "Converting pre-AACR2 Records to AACR2."

C9.1.  Restrictions and procedures

C9.1.1.  LC-authenticated records.

Records that are authenticated with a code of "pcc" or "msc" that have been cataloged by the Library of Congress cataloging sections may be converted to RDA, but only in the situations covered in B4.3.  LC must be notified of the change when distribution of holdings among two or more titles is affected.  When making the conversion, the CONSER cataloger leaves the original LC control number in subfield $a of the 010 field.

For further guidelines concerning the conversion of a pre-AACR2 LC-authenticated record, see C3 and C8.

C9.1.2.  Any other pre-AACR2 record.

CONSER catalogers may convert other authenticated or non-authenticated records to RDA as necessary.  When converting and consolidating authenticated records, see C8 for instructions.

C9.2.  Successive entry records

C9.2.1.  Choice of entry unchanged.

1.   Alter description based on earliest issue in hand, following RDA and PC-PCC PSs.

2.   If a formatted 362 field (first indicator = 0) is present in a record, and the first issue is not in hand, incorporate the information into a note, and recode the first indicator to 1.  Add a "Description based on" note in field 588.

3.   Change other notes as appropriate (e.g., update to reflect data from latest issue consulted, etc.).

4.   Change form of entry in linking fields, when necessary, from key title to cataloging entry form.

5.   Convert all main, added entry headings and series added entry headings to RDA form.

6.   Determine necessity for uniform title heading (130) or uniform title (240) as prescribed by LC-PCC PS

7.   Add code "i" to DESC in fixed field.

8.   Add required ISBD punctuation (e.g., fields 245, 264, 300).

C9.2.2.  Choice of entry changed.

When the choice of entry would be different under RDA, the cataloger must eventually go through all the steps above but must first determine whether the RDA record should cover a different (usually expanded) period of time than the pre-AACR2 record, and whether there are additional records which require consolidation (see C8).

If the span of years to be covered by the RDA record is different, the following fields should be carefully checked for any needed changes:

1.   Fixed field dates (008/07-14); publication status (008/06); country of publication code (008/15-17).

2.   264

3.   300

4.   310/321 (when dates are present)

5.   362

6.   490

7.   5XX (for dates)

8.   550 (incorporate earlier or later issuing bodies, as necessary)

9.   7XX (make additional added entries, as necessary)

10.  760-787 (add, change, or delete, as necessary)

11.  8XX

C9.3.  Latest entry records

Latest entry records are not to be converted to RDA nor split into successive entries.

EXCEPTION:  If the latest entry has no 247 fields (i.e., there is no earlier title) and the latest entry has a 100, 110, or 111 and under RDA the entry would be under title, the record may be converted to RDA.  Change the fixed field S/L ENT code (008/34) from "1"  to "0".

LC must be notified if a record change to a latest entry LC authenticated record would affect distribution of holdings among two or more titles.

Related fields, etc.

B4.3, C3, C8, C10, C12, 010, 588, 936

CCM Modules 21 and 22

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