0    Successive entry

1    Latest entry  [Pre-AACR]

2    Integrating entry


The entry convention code specifies whether the continuing resource is cataloged according to successive entry, latest entry, or integrating entry cataloging conventions.

With the exception of electronic serials that do not retain earlier titles, all current AACR2 CONSER cataloging for serials must be in successive entry form, including those with title variant notes.

245 00 annual report of pipeline safety.

246 10 $i Some issues have title: $a Annual report on pipeline safety

Integrating entry is used for integrating resources and electronic serials that do not retain earlier titles.  These records are coded entry convention "2" and information about former titles are given in 247 and 547 fields.  See C10 for further information.


Code definitions

0    Successive entry.

According to successive entry conventions, a new record is created each time:  1) a title changes, or 2) a corporate body used as main entry or uniform title qualifier, changes.  The earlier or later title or author/title is input in a linking field (780/785) on each record.

Thus, an AACR2 successive entry record should not contain a former title (field 247) or a former issuing body note (field 550) when the issuing body is the main entry or uniform title qualifier.

245 00 Hawaii medical journal.

780 00 $t Hawaii medical journal and inter-island nurses' bulletin $x 0097-1030 $w (DLC)sn 82004604

130 0# Bulletin (Chester District Genealogical Society)

245 04 The bulletin,

780 00 $t Bulletin (Chester County Genealogical Society) $w (DLC) 81646270

NOTE:  Session laws are cataloged from the earliest title and include later titles in 246 fields.  These records are coded "0" because they are not considered to be latest entry records.

1    Latest entry.

According to latest entry conventions, a record is cataloged under its latest (most recent) title or issuing body.  All former titles and/or issuing bodies are given in notes (fields 247, 547, and 550).  For CONSER policy regarding the input of latest entry records, see C10.

2    Integrating entry.

Code "2" indicates that a resource is cataloged under its latest (most recent) title, issuing body, or personal name heading.  A new record is made only when there is a major change in edition or it is determined that there is a new work, and for title mergers and splits.  It is used for integrating resources and electronic serials that do not retain their earlier titles.  See C10 for more information.


008/34 Successive/latest entry was renamed Entry convention in 2001 to accommodate rules for integrating entry convention that were introduced with the revision of AACR2 in 2002.

Related fields, etc.

C10, 780, 785

008/34  006/17  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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