21.2.1.  Changes that may require a new record

A variety of changes may occur in a serial publication that lead to the creation of a new record.  CCM Module 16, “Changes That May Require a New Record,” covers situations in which the cataloger must determine whether or not a new record should be created.  Major and minor title changes according to AACR2 21.2C2 are explained in CCM 16.2.3 and 16.2.4 with instructions on modifying existing records to reflect  minor changes.  New records are not required in such cases.  The table below lists the types of changes that may require a new record, and the related documentation.

Type of Change


Title proper

AACR2 21.2C1-2, AACR2 21.2C, LCRI 21.2C , CCM 16.2

Corporate body entry

AACR2 21.3B, LCRI 24.2 , LCRI 25.5B , CCM 16.3

Body in uniform title

LCRI 21.3B , CCM 16.3.2.

Uniform title for translations

LCRI 21.3B , CCM 16.3.3.

Physical format

LCRI 21.3B , CCM 16.4.1.

Edition statement

LCRI 21.3B , CCM 16.4.2.

21.2.2.  Changes affecting other access points

CONSER maintenance requirements primarily cover changes affecting main entry, title proper, and other access points (CCM 21.1.4, CEG B4 ).  Part 1 of the CCM covers most of these changes, including how they are reflected in the record.  The table below lists the areas in which changes occur and the corresponding section in the CCM.

Type of Change

CCM Section

Title variations

7.3.  When to give a date in a variant title


12.6.  Changes and other problems

Subject headings

15.6.  Modifying subject headings

Added entries

4.8.  Corporate body and personal name added entries

13.5.  Issuing bodies notes (field 550)

Related serials

14.  Linking relationships

16.2.  Title changes

17.4.  Serial supplements

17.7.  Reprints

21.2.3.  Other changes to the bibliographic description

Other changes to the record that do not affect record access are generally considered optional, with one exception:  frequency data in the fixed field (CEG B4.2.3 ; Section E, 008/006, Frequency/Regularity ).  As with changes to access fields, changes to fields that are used in the description of the serial are generally covered in Part 1 of the CCM and usually involve the addition of notes.  CCM 3.4, "Transcribing Information from Later Issues," gives general information about changes that involve the addition of notes to the record and changes that can be made to the body of the record.  The sections listed below give specific instructions on adding descriptive information to serial records.

Type of Change

CCM Section


8.7.  Changes in numbering

13.4.  Numbering peculiarities notes

Edition statement

9.5.2.  Changes in the edition statement

Publication, distribution, etc. area

10.6.  Changes in the place, publisher, or date of publication

Physical description

11.1.3.  Serials that are complete

11.3.3.  Changes (dimensions)


13.3.  Frequency notes (fields 310 and 321) ( FN 3)

Issuing bodies

4.8.  Corporate body and personal name added entries

13.5.  Issuing bodies notes


17.5.  Indexes

Internet information

31.2.  Decisions to make before providing access to online serials

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