31.4.1.  Main entry

Remote access serials can be entered under title, corporate body or personal name entry according to AACR2 Chapter 21 and the relevant LCRIs ( Chapter 21 ), as outlined in CCM Module 4.  Although a majority of remote access serials are entered under title, many annual reports, directories and other serials that qualify for corporate main entry, according to AACR2 21.1B2 and the LCRI ( 21.1B2 ), are also available in electronic form.  Similarly, a growing number of individuals are also distributing personal author newsletters via the Internet.  For guidance, see LCRI 21.1A2 and CCM Module 4.

31.4.2.  Added entries

Make added entries for any personal authors or corporate bodies, associated with the creation and issuance of the online serial if they are named prominently or there is evidence in the serial that indicates responsibility for the intellectual content of the work.  If their names do not appear in any of the transcribed areas of the description (title and statement of responsibility; publication, distribution, etc. areas), supply information describing their relationship to the serial in a 500 "personal author" or a 550 "issuing body" note.

Do not give added entries for aggregator names in the aggregator-neutral record.

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Module 31.  Remote Access Electronic Serials (Online Serials)