Transcribe numbering (field 362) from the first issue of a remote access serial when available.  If the first issue is not available, construct an appropriate designation for use in a "Description based on" note.

First issue available:

362 0# $a 1995/01-

First issue not available:

500 ## $a Description based on: Summer 1992; title from title screen (publisher’s Web site, viewed July 15, 2002).

Take the numbering from the title source if it appears there; otherwise, take it from anywhere within the file or files.  For an emailed file, take the designation from the date of transmission from the original sender (i.e., the publisher or distributor), if no other source is available.

If numbering is very difficult to locate or construct, add a "numbering peculiarities" note explaining the source for the designation (see also CCM 31.14.2).

500 ## $a Description based on: 1994; title from homepage index listing (viewed June 8, 2000).

515 ## $a Numbering taken from text.

362 0# $a No. 1 (Jan. 1995)-

515 ## $a Numbering taken from introductory text found in README file.

When cataloging an online version of a printed serial, give a "description based on" note if the online version does not begin with the first issue of the printed version.  Since providers vary in the range of issues they offer online, the CONSER practice of giving a "coverage as of" was discontinued when LCRI 12.7B10 was deleted in 2003.  The beginning dates of the print version may be given in a 362 1# field to provide justification for the fixed field beginning date:

Dates:  1984, 9999

362 1# $a Print began with: Vol. 3, no. 1 (Jan. 1984).

Dates:  1999, 9999

362 1# $a Print began in 1999.

Coverage as of notes on existing records can be replaced with the beginning date of the print if catalogers are entering the record to make other changes.

Likewise, the ending dates of the print version may be given in a 362 1# field to provide justification for the fixed field ending date:

Dates:  1948, 2004

130 0# $a Journal of range management (Online)

362 0# $a Vol. 1, no. 1 (Oct. 1948)-

362 1# $a Print ceased with: v. 57, no. 6 (Nov. 2004).

785 00 $t Rangeland ecology & management (Online)

Dates:  2005, 9999

130 0# $a Rangeland ecology & management (Online)

362 0# $a Vol. 58, no. 1 (Jan. 2005)-

780 00 $t Journal of range management (Online)

A latest issue consulted note is given per AACR2 12.7B23 if more than one issue has been consulted.  Cite the provider in the latest issue consulted note if it is different from the provider cited in the source of title note.  Give the date viewed in parentheses following the source of title.

362 0# $a Feb. 2003-

500 ## $a Title from table of contents (publisher's Web site, viewed Oct. 22, 2003).

500 ## $a Latest issue consulted: May 2003 (viewed Oct. 22, 2003).

500 ## $a Description based on: Vol. 43, no. 1 (1994); title from journal home page (Emerald, viewed July 28, 2003)

500 ## $a Latest issue consulted: Vol. 52, no. 9 (2003) (FirstSearch, viewed Oct. 28, 2003).

See also:

Module 31.  Remote Access Electronic Serials (Online Serials)