The notes area for electronic serials includes information appropriate both to the serial and to the electronic resource aspects of the publication.  Notes on a record for an online version appearing in multiple e-serial packages should contain information that is applicable to all online versions.  Take into account instructions for notes given in both Chapters 9 and 12 of AACR2.  Input notes in numeric tag order ( FN 3). The most relevant notes for remote access serials are:

Source of title proper (field 500)  –  see 31.3.4

Variations in title (fields 246, 500) – see 31.7

Description based on note (field 500) – see 31.9; 31.3.4

Latest issue consulted (500) – see 31.9

Beginning and/or ending dates of publication (field 362, indicator 1) – see 31.9

Numbering peculiarities (field 515) – see 31.9

Mode of access (field 538) – see 31.14.5

Other physical formats (fields 530, 776) – see 31.14.7

Less frequently used notes for remote access serials are:

Restrictions on access (field 506 )

Type of electronic resource or data (field 516 )

System requirements (field 538 )

Information about documentation (field 556 )

31.14.1.  Restrictions on access (field 506)

Do not use this note unless restrictions apply to all versions and formats of the serial.  An example is a "classified" government document for which access is always restricted.  If specific access restrictions are considered useful in the CONSER record, give in $z of field 856 .

31.14.2.  Numbering peculiarities (field 515)

Make notes on any numbering or issuing peculiarities.  Electronic serials may have unusual numbering patterns (cf. CCM 31.10).

515 ## $a Successive articles are uniquely identified by a manuscript number and date.

515 ## $a Articles for 1996 are only available as individual articles, organized topically.

515 ## $a Articles are added to issues on a continuous basis; issues are complete after six months.

31.14.3.  Type of electronic resource or data (field 516)

Field 516 has been used to make brief notes on the nature and type of remote access electronic serial (AACR2 9.7B1, 9.7B8).  Current CONSER usage of the field is limited to situations where unusual information about file formats is needed.  In a  record describing a title offered by multiple providers, file formats should be applicable to all provider versions.  Refer to the CONSER Editing Guide  for instructions on the display constant and use of indicators with this field.

516 8# $a Articles are available in PostScript, TeX, and dvi formats.

31.14.4.  System requirements (field 538, System details)

Make "system requirements" notes for special software, equipment or operating systems required to capture and/or print the electronic file (AACR2 9.7B1).  Do not use the note unless the requirements are particularly unusual and apply to all versions offered by multiple providers.

31.14.5.  Mode of access (field 538)

A "mode of access" note (field 538) must be given in all records for remote access serials to explain the means by which the serial can be accessed (AACR2 9.7B1).  If more than one issue is available, consult the latest issue for this information.

The mode of access note is one of the "system details" for remote access electronic resources and is given following the system requirements note, if present.  Begin the note with the phrase "Mode of access:".

538 ## $a Mode of access: World Wide Web.

Other examples:

538 ## $a Mode of access: Email via electronic mailing list subscription.

538 ## $a Mode of access: FTP via the Internet.

In addition to field 538, give an 856 field (cf. CCM 31.16) for each of the primary modes of access, when this information is readily available.  Since field 856 is not a note field, some catalogers give information about access in field 538.  For example, GPO often records the original URL in the 538 field when it adds a PURL to a record (see example below).  Alternatively, depending on local needs and system capabilities, this type of information can be given in subfield $z of the 856 field.

538 ## $a Mode of access: Internet. Address as of 06/08/01:; current access is available via PURL.

856 40 $u

31.14.6.  Information about documentation (field 556)

Make notes regarding documentation that can be accessed together with the electronic serial.  (Refer to the CONSER Editing Guide for instructions on the display constant and use of indicators with this field.)

556 8# $a Instructions for accessing related graphics in separate README file.

556 8# $a User's guide available online via Internet email and FTP access.

31.14.7.  Other physical medium (field 530)

Make notes describing the existence of other medium (e.g., print) in which the serial is issued.  Notes on other physical formats can be made in the 530 or in the subfield "i" of the linking field.  (See also CCM 31.16.)

130 0# $a Emerging infectious diseases (Online)

245 00 $a Emerging infectious diseases $h [electronic resource] : $b EID.

530 ## $a Issued also in print.

776 1# $t Emerging infectious diseases $x 1080-6040 $w (DLC)  96648093 $w (OCoLC)31848353

Field 530 is also used in a print record to note the existence of an online version whether or not the serial is cataloged separately.  When the related serial is not cataloged separately, field 530 might also include information concerning availability of earlier or later titles.

530 ## $a Later issues also available on the World Wide Web.

530 ## $a Also available to subscribers via the World Wide Web as: Hematology and cell therapy electronic edition.

530 ## $a Some issues, including those published under earlier titles, are accessible from the Census Bureau World Wide Web site.

530 ## $a Beginning with <Mar. 1995> issue also available to subscribers online via the World Wide Web in PDF format.

530 ## $a Also available online; archive file also includes issues published under earlier title.

530 ## $a Also available online as archived issues of later title.

See also:

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