Electronic serials have the same types of chronological and horizontal relationships to other serial titles that print serials do, and require the appropriate links as described in Module 14.  This section focuses on relationships that involve the physical format.  The creation of new records resulting from a change in physical format is covered in CCM 30.18.

Sometimes the number of serial titles that might require a link is numerous and the basic policy of making two-way links, as stated in the CONSER Editing Guide (CEG), is impractical, if not impossible, to apply.  In such cases, use common sense.  For example, a fairly common situation is one in which multiple printed serials merge into one electronic serial.  In this case, a link may be added to the records for the printed serials ( FN 2) but only a note (580) would be added to the record for the electronic resource.  Some libraries favor adding links to the electronic resource record (when possible) but not to the records for the printed serials.  Linking either way in these situations is optional.

30.16.1.  Parent serial/supplement (fields 770 and 772)

For a separately cataloged electronic resource supplement to a print or electronic serial, provide the appropriate link, as described in CCM 14.3.4 and CCM 17.4.

30.16.2.  Additional physical form entry (field 776)

Many serials that are issued as electronic resources also continue to be issued in print.  In some cases, e.g., an annual report of a government agency issued in print and on floppy disk, the electronic resource contains the identical contents as the print version.  In other cases, the electronic resource may or may not have some additional information, e.g., abstracts or book reviews, or extended searching capabilities.  The title may or may not be the same as the title on the print publication and there may or may not be an edition statement on the piece.  There has been some debate among CONSER catalogers about which field to use for these "editions" in a different physical format, 775 or 776.  In the past, the 775 field was used on many records for these links, but to save catalogers from making fine distinctions, and to be consistent with ISSN policy, CONSER catalogers have agreed to use field 776 for all such links.  Field 530 may also be used, as necessary.

245 00 $a Books in print plus $h [electronic resource].

776 1# $t Books in print $x 0068-0214 $w (DLC)  74643574 $w (OCoLC)1641212

245 00 $a Applied science & technology index $h [electronic resource].

530 ## $a Also available in a print ed.

776 1# $t Applied science & technology index $x 0003-6986 $w (DLC)sc 79002989 $w(OCoLC)1581557

245 00 $a Biography index $h [electronic resource].

530 ## $a CD-ROM ed. of the print publication Biography index and its annual and biennial cumulations.

776 1# $t Biography index (Annual) $x 0006-3053 $w (DLC)sn 87030032 $w (OCoLC)8264686

776 1# $t Biography index (Biennial) $x 0006-3053 $w (DLC)  47006532 $w (OCoLC)1536408

776 1# $t Biography index (Quarterly) $x 0006-3053 $w (DLC)sn 88022355 $w (OCoLC)6935739

A single electronic resource may publish the same information as appears in several related print titles.  Provide the appropriate 530 note and linking fields.  See CEG Linking Entry Fields-General Information , for instructions on linking to numerous records.

245 00 $a Aquatic sciences & fisheries abstracts $h [electronic resource] : $b ASFA / $c Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.

530 ## $a CD-ROM ed. of: Aquatic sciences and fisheries abstracts. Part 1, Biological sciences and living resources; Part 2, Ocean technology, policy and non-living resources; and Part 3, Aquatic pollution and environmental quality.

776 1# $t Aquatic sciences and fisheries abstracts ... $w (DLC)sn 80002939 $w (DLC)sn 80012474 $w (DLC)sn 89003028

An electronic serial may have a corresponding print version that has undergone several title changes, and all of the titles are included in the electronic resource version, e.g., Accessible archives Pennsylvania gazette.  These titles are linked using multiple 776 fields.

245 00 $a Accessible archives Pennsylvania gazetteer $h [electronic resource].

530 ## $a CD-ROM version of: Universal instructor in all arts and sciences, and Pennsylvania gazette; Pennsylvania gazette (Philadelphia, Pa. : 1729); Pennsylvania gazette and weekly advertiser; and: Pennsylvania gazette (Philadelphia, Pa. : 1782).

776 1# $t Universal instructor in all arts and sciences, and Pennsylvania gazette $w (DLC)sn 84026369 $w (OCoLC)10405968

776 1# $t Pennsylvania gazette (Philadelphia, Pa. : 1729) $w (DLC)sn 84026371 $w (OCoLC)10405992

776 1# $t Pennsylvania gazette and weekly advertiser $w (DLC)sn 84026368 $w (OCoLC)10405959

776 1# $t Pennsylvania gazette (Philadelphia, Pa. : 1782) $w (DLC)sn 84026370 $w (OCoLC)10405977

If multiple electronic formats of the same title exist, do not link them to each other.  A 530 note may be given instead.

30.16.3.  Non-specific relationships (field 787)

Electronic serials may have numerous or unclear relationships to print titles.  Some electronic serials represent the combined contents of two or more unrelated print titles.  Link these titles using 787 fields and provide a 580 note to explain the relationship, if necessary.

245 00 $a SciTech reference plus $h [electronic resource].

580 ## $a Equivalent of print publications: American men & women of science, Books in print, Corporate technology directory, Directory of American research and technology, and Ulrich's international periodicals directory.

787 1# $t American men & women of science $x 0000-1287 $w (DLC)  89645423 $w (OCoLC)19407934

787 1# $t Books in print $x 0068-0214 $w (DLC)  74643574 $w (OCoLC)1641212

787 1# $t Corporate technology directory $x 0887-1930 $w (DLC)  86642570 $w (OCoLC)13133812

787 1# $t Directory of American research and technology $x 0886-0076 $w (DLC)  86640963 $w (OCoLC)12789089

787 1# $t Ulrich's international periodicals directory $x 0000-0175 $w (DLC)sc 77000350 $w (OCoLC)2521849

Some electronic resources present statistical data that also appears in a print publication that includes the data, but also have additional information.

130 0# $a Energy statistics (Diskette)

245 10 $a Energy statistics $h [electronic resource] / $c International Energy Agency = Statistiques de l'energie / Agence internationale de l'energie.

580 ## $a Data also included in print publication: Energy statistics of OECD countries.

787 1# $t Energy statistics of OECD countries $w (DLC)  90641582 $w (OCoLC)21892511

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