As described in Module 16, a change from one physical format to another, e.g., the print publication is discontinued and then published in electronic format, requires the creation of a separate successive entry record (see also CCM 30.5).  "Close out" the earlier title and create a new record for the title in the new format, providing appropriate linking fields.

Earlier print title:

245 00 $a Index translationum = $b Repertoire international des traductions = International bibliography of translations.

362 1# $a Ceased with v. 39 in 1989.

580 ## $a Continued in 1994 as: Index translationum (CD-ROM).

785 10 $t Index translationum (CD-ROM) $w (DLC)  95660578 $w (OCoLC)32027032

Later CD-ROM title:

130 0# $a Index translationum (CD-ROM)

245 10 $a Index translationum $h [electronic resource].

580 ## $a Continues a periodical with the same title issued in print.

780 10 $t Index translationum $x 0073-6074 $w (DLC)  50012446 $w (OCoLC)2433763

CONSER is considering a change from CD-ROM to DVD-ROM optical formats as a change that would require the creation of a new record.

See also:

Module 30.  Direct Access Electronic Serials