33.16.1.  Major changes

In general, follow the rules for determining a major title change as outlined in AACR2 21.2C2a and LCRI 21.2C , and discussed in CCM Module 16.  A new serial entry is also required per LCRI 21.3B when the physical medium changes.

33.16.2.  Minor title changes

The following exceptions to AACR2 21.2C2b and LCRI 21.2C should be followed when cataloging newspapers.

1.  In cases when a title change lasts less than one year, after which time the newspaper returns to its former title, do not create separate records for each title change ( FN 21).  Include the intermediate title in a 246 field. (See also CCM 33.6.1.)

2.  Do not make a separate record for a Saturday and/or Sunday issue with a different title even when the weekend title carries its own numbering (CCM 33.6.1.).

130 0# $a Buffalo evening news (Buffalo, N.Y. : Daily)

245 10 $a Buffalo evening news.

246 1# $i Sunday issues for 1880-1895 published as: $a Buffalo Sunday morning news

246 1# $i Sunday issues for <1897>-1915 published as: $a Buffalo Sunday news

33.16.3.  Periodical and newspaper formats

A newspaper can change its form and content to become a periodical.  Do not make a new record to reflect a change in format from newspaper to periodical (or vice versa).  Instead, give the information in a note.  In the case of a newspaper that has changed to a periodical, leave the Type of Serial (008/21) code as "n."  Existing subject headings should retain their form subdivisions with a change in format, and additional headings may be input to reflect the new format.

Type of Serial:  n

130 0# $a Looking glass (Hatfield, Ark.)

245 14 $a The looking glass.

310 ## $a Monthly, $b July 1976-

321 ## $a Weekly, $b Apr. 3, 1975-June 17, 1976

500 ## $a Published as a weekly newspaper, 1975-June 1976; as a monthly magazine, July 1976-

651 #4 $a Hatfield (Ark.) $v Newspapers.

651 #0 $a Polk County (Ark.) $v Newspapers.

651 #0 $a Arkansas $v Periodicals.

Titles often change when their form and content change, thus requiring a new serial entry.

Type of Serial:    n

Dates:  1855,1891

245 00 $a Frank Leslie’s illustrated newspaper.

260 ## $a New York, N.Y. : $b Frank Leslie

785 00 $t Frank Leslie’s illustrated weekly

Type of Serial:    p

Dates:  1891, 1894

245 00 $a Frank Leslie’s illustrated weekly.

260 ## $a New York : $b [W.J. Arkell, $c 1891-1894].

780 00 $t Frank Leslie’s illustrated newspaper

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