33.6.1.  Varying forms of the title (field 246)

There are several situations where variant titles provide important access in newspaper records.  Provide title added entries in the following cases.

Titles of short duration and fluctuating titles.  If a title change lasts for less than one year, after which it reverts back to its original title, do not consider this to be a major change ( FN 7) (Figure 33.5.).   Instead, record the intermediate title in a 246 field and provide an explanation in subfield $i, if possible.  (A 500 note may be needed to explain the variation.)  If a record for the intermediate title exists, cancel the record and record the title in a 246 field.

245 04 $a The Washington post.

246 1# $i Issues for Apr. 15-29, 1878 called: $a Washington post and union

362 0# $a No. 1 (Dec. 6, 1877)-no. 28,398 (Mar. 17, 1878).

780 05 $t National union (Washington, D.C.) $g Apr. 15, 1878 $w (DLC)sn 82006529 $w (OCoLC)8776863

Saturday and Sunday titles are generally treated as fluctuating titles and recorded in field 246 of the record for the main title.

130 0# $a Buffalo evening news (Buffalo, N.Y. : Daily)

245 10 $a Buffalo evening news.

246 1# $i Sunday issues for 1880-1895 published as: $a Buffalo Sunday morning news

246 1# $i Sunday issues for <1897>-1915 published as: $a Buffalo Sunday news

260 ## $a Buffalo, N.Y. : $b Buffalo Evening News, Inc.

Parallel title.  Record each parallel title (title in another language) that is included in the title statement in a separate 246 field.  Do not input the initial article or terminal punctuation (Figure 33.6.).

245 02 $a L’id´ee nouvelle = $b The new idea.

246 31 $a New idea

Running title, and other varying forms of the title.  Generally record a title appearing in an area of the newspaper other than the masthead (e.g., in the publisher's statement (Figure 33.7b.) or at the head of a page) if that title meets the following conditions:

Differs substantially from the masthead title;

Contributes to the identification of the newspaper;

Provides meaningful access.

Refer to the CEG for complete information about 246 field indicators and subfields.

130 0# $a Light (Vicksburg, Miss.)

245 14 $a The light.

246 13 $a Vicksburg light

260 ## $a Vicksburg, Miss. : $b Light Pub. Co.

Alternative titles.  Common among eighteenth and early nineteenth century newspapers, are alternative titles, as explained in CCM 6.1.4 (Figure 33.8.).  Provide access for alternative titles in field 246.

245 00 $a Farmers’ museum, or, Literary gazette.

246 30 $a Literary gazette

246 20 $a Farmers’ museum

780 00 $t Farmer's museum, or, Lay preacher's gazette $w (DLC)sn 83025578 $w (OCoLC)9693929

785 00 $t Farmer's museum (Walpole, N.H. : 1804) $w (DLC)sn 83025580

Ambiguous title presentations.  It is not unusual for a newspaper title statement in the masthead to be presented in such a way that makes it difficult to determine the title proper (Figure 33.9.).  In such cases include alternative interpretations of the title as variant titles in 246 fields.

245 00 $a Southern Routt County Oak Creek-Yampa times-leader.

246 30 $a Oak Creek-Yampa times-leader

246 2# $a Oak Creek Yampa times leader

780 00 $t Oak Creek times and the Yampa leader $w (DLC)sn 90051038

Other title added entries.  As with other serials, include a title added entry in field 246 if the title contains punctuation, signs, or symbols that effect searching, and if the inclusion of the varying form in field 246 improves access (LCRI 21.30J ).

245 00 $a Turtle Mountain echo II.

246 3# $a Turtle Mountain echo two

246 3# $a Turtle Mountain echo 2

260 ## $a Belcourt, N.D. : $b [Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians]

33.6.2.  Added entry--uncontrolled related/analytical title (field 740)

Newspaper supplements and special issues are only cataloged on separate records in rare cases, when local needs dictate.  Field 740 may be used, in conjunction with a supplement note (field 525 ), to provide access to named supplements that are not cataloged separately.

130 0# $a News-journal (Daytona Beach, Fla.)

245 14 $a The news-journal.

310 ## $a Daily

525 ## $a Has supplement titled: Daily journal, 1986-<1995>

740 02 $a Daily journal.

The 740 field can also be used with a 500 note to provide access to a newspaper’s named section that is not cataloged separately.

245 00 $a Cohocton Valley times and index.

260 ## $a Cohocton, N.Y. : $b Vincent L. Tripp

500 ## $a Includes section titled: The Potato growers’ journal.

740 02 $t Potato growers’ journal.

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